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Soup, Souffles and Some Gluten-Free Booty

I was SO happy to get back to cooking club this week! It was so good to see everyone, to sit around for hours getting all caught up on our bits of news while we sipped wine and nibbled on crackers topped with provolone and salty farmer’s sausage.

The theme of the month has been eggs, but on this final night we went rather loosey-goosey with the rules and ate a delightful hodge-podge of this and that.

Cameron and Robin made a wonderful Gluten-free Egg Drop Soup. Instead of using flour to thicken the broth, they simply added more eggs and it was perfect!! I like it even better than the original.

Toby brought fresh pineapple and a whole bag of cheesy Gluten-free Pirate’s Booty to snack on.

Jen made a simple side dish that was so good! Carrots sprinkled with lots of green onion, covered with chicken broth and baked for an hour. Mmm, mmm! Tender and sweet with that lovely, salty broth.

We ended our evening with TWO kinds of chocolate dessert: Paul’s decadent Chocolate Souffles which got eaten so fast I didn’t get a picture, my Dark Chocolate Tart with Gluten-free Buckwheat Maple Crust. Delectable conclusion to our feasting.

What is your favorite thing to make with eggs?

Jen’s Baked Carrots


6 carrots, cut in sticks
1/2 cup scallions, sliced
2-3 cups organic chicken broth


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.
  2. Combine all ingredients in ovenproof dish and bake 60 minutes until carrots are tender.

Cameron and Robin’s Gluten-free Egg Drop Soup

4 cups chicken broth
1/2 cup sliced scallions
4-6 eggs, beaten


  1. Bring broth and green onion to boil.
  2. Using fork, drizzle beaten egg a little at a time into boiling broth. Egg should cook immediately. Add enough egg to reach desired consistency.

Krista’s Dark Chocolate Tart with Buckwheat Maple Crust
(Click here for recipe)

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Katie@Cozydelicious - Those carrots look so simple and yummy – perfect early spirng food. And I’m sure the chocolate souffles were fantastic! I have to admit that I have never been a fan of egg drop soup, though. I think it’s a texture thing, but I do love eggs. Scrambled, baked, fried, you name it! Other than egg drop soup…

Tuula - This cooking group is wonderful Krista, what an amazing spread!

hila - this makes me want to join a cooking club!

and why do I always feel hungry after visiting your blog? 😉

chopinandmysaucepan - Love the egg drop soup! Very hearty especially nearing winter now 🙂

Nicole - I love egg drop soup but haven’t had it for ages! Will have to make it sometime. My favorite dish with eggs lately is a Spanish tortilla. 🙂

Lael Hazan - I love the egg drop soup. My sore throat already feels soothed by it.
My favorite thing to do with eggs this past week was make Matzah Brie. I’m over it now…

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures - All I can say is yum yum yum!

Breanne - Sounds perfectly lovely! I’ll keep your dark chocolate tart in mind as my sister in law just discovered a wheat intolerance.

Btw, I quite like the tweaks you’ve made, very simple and straightforward. =)

Stevie - Cooking club? What a brilliant idea! I would love something like that. Is this an informal group of friends or somthing more structured? I want one, too.

Karen - Your chocolate tart looks fantastic! I am so glad you finally found out what’s wrong and are getting the right treatment. I hope you’re already feeling much better – here’s to a speedy recovery!

bellini - The Cooking Club does it again! My favourite thing with eggs is a quiche or a simple egg salad sandwich. In fact I am craving one right now!

Barbara - Love that buckwheat crust!
My family’s favorite egg dish is a cheese strata…I love to make it ’cause it has to be done the night before.

Anna Johnston - Gorgeous, you inspire me lovely. 🙂

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