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Winter Windmills and A Hearty Breakfast in Amsterdam

It was a wickedly cold morning in Amsterdam this winter as my family gathered in my brother Ryan’s toasty warm flat for breakfast.

Christmas music played jauntily as Ry and his fiancée Melissa bustled about in the kitchen brewing coffee, sauteing veggies, and beating eggs. The rest of us visited and stood in front of their enormous windows watching passersby in the streets below, endlessly entertained by the ever-changing stream of humanity.

Soon we were called to the table and happily gathered round for a hearty repast, eager to fortify ourselves for an afternoon of exploring.


Both Ryan and Melissa are great cooks, and they outdid themselves with a savory frittata filled with cherry tomatoes, spinach, caramelized onions, and pancetta.

I got thoroughly spoiled with Melissa’s fabulous coffee: strong and creamy with a good two inches of decadently dense foam. Swoon.

Warm, full, and adequately caffeinated, we bundled into layer after layer of woolen coziness and headed outside Amsterdam to explore a park full of beautiful windmills and charming old shops and homes.

I’ll tell you all about it next time. 🙂

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Nicole - Gorgeous fruit plate, and love the photo of the windmills! Very Netherlands. 🙂

Lisa @ Tarte du Jour - Looks like a delicious breakfast on a blustery morning! Thanks for sharing!

Breanne - Love the pictures and descriptions of your breakfast. That frittata looks wonderful!

Stevie - It sounds like you spent a wonderful morning with family. The picture of the windmill is in such sharp contrast to the warm breakfast, that I’m startled. Is that really ice?

mlleparadis - the windmills are gorgeous! (and so is that coffee and frittata!)

bellini - I love the windmills of Holland. I was 18 when I was there and remember them vividly.

Joanne - Your brother really wined and dined you while you were there! this frittata looks delicious! Definitely perfect to give you the strength you needed for a day of exploring!

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