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Pink by the Creek and Asparagus Roasted Tomato Quiche

Hello dear ones. πŸ™‚

Yesterday I had a good day, a beautiful day, all sunshiny and happy with an extra long lunch hour. I was finally well enough to get out a bit, so I drove to one of our city parks and found a bench right near the creek. I just sat for a good, long while, grinning my head off as I basked in the feel of sun on my face and the sounds of gurgling creek, kids dashing about, and wind rustling through the trees. It was so good to be part of the world again.

Pink was the color of the day with profusions of cheery blossoms everywhere, their papery petals so striking against the vivid green and velvety leaves.

Even the magnolias were out, the tightly wrapped buds reaching up for the sun, just waiting for one more day or two before they burst into bloom. Who would think that such thick fuzzy husks would hold such glorious blossoms. They remind me of rich ladies shedding their fur coats to reveal gossamer evening gowns. πŸ™‚

With all that lovely fresh air and sunshine I was happy to dig into my lunch, a scrumptious hodge-podge of a quiche I had thrown together with leftover bits and bobs in my fridge: 5 eggs, oven-roasted tomatoes, crispy roast asparagus, flaked salmon, and creamy chevre. Mmm, mmm, good! Add a few drops of green Tabasco and it’s a perfect spring-is-really-here celebratory meal.

What is your favorite thing to eat after an afternoon at the park?

Gluten-Free Asparagus Roasted Tomato Quiche


5 eggs
8-10 oven-roasted tomato halves (click here for recipe)
handful roasted asparagus (steamed will work just as well), chopped into bite-sized pieces
1/2 cup salmon, flaked
1/2 cup Chevre, chunked (feta would work well too)
seasoning salt


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.
  2. Beat eggs with seasoning salt. Set aside.
  3. In greased pie plate layer tomatoes, asparagus, salmon and chevre.
  4. Pour beaten egg over ingredients, jostle them a bit to let the egg get in all the cracks.
  5. Bake for 45 minutes.
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Malin - Thank you! Not the kind of pictures I usually paint but it’s nice to do some realistic stuff sometimes too. πŸ™‚

Beautiful spring pictures!!

TF - Hello πŸ™‚

lovely photos as always..We’ve been on a Quiche binge and can’t get enough of it. next time i’m trying your recipe πŸ™‚

Katie@Cozydelicious - I’m so glad you’re feeling better and enjoying some sunshine! I think quiche is perfect anytime anywhere. It’s a perfect go-to food, and I love that you just tossed in your leftovers.

RamblingTart - Ohhhh, I’m SO glad you mentioned ice cream, dear Duchess! I’ve been craving the stuff for days and keep forgetting to pick it up! πŸ™‚ Off to the store I go… πŸ™‚

RamblingTart - Thank you, dear Joanne. πŸ™‚ Each day is a little bit better and I’m celebrating! πŸ™‚

RamblingTart - You bet there is, Ayngelina! I adore goat cheese too. πŸ™‚

RamblingTart - Aren’t you so very happy about it, Val! πŸ™‚ Just in time for our party the end of the month. Hooray! πŸ™‚

RamblingTart - Thank you, dear Zita! πŸ™‚ Hope you’re having a lovely time in Paris eating quiche of your own. πŸ™‚

Duchess - ICE CREAM! DUH! lol. Hope you’re feeling better.

Joanne - Oh I’m so glad you’re feeling a bit better and I’m sure that getting out in nature only helped that!

The quiche looks delicious! Definitely a great spring meal to celebrate with!

Ayngelina - When I read the title I thought, I so hope there is goat cheese in it, you did not disappoint πŸ™‚

bellini - Spring is definitely here Krista!

Zita - This quiche looks yummie! Great recipe!

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