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Pain, A Miracle and Aussie-style Potatoes

Hello dear ones. How I’ve missed you! šŸ™‚

It’s so good to be back writing to you again after a perfectly ghastly few weeks of misery caused by Ecoli and other things. Ayiyi. I’m so happy to be sitting upright again, basking in a rare moment of glorious sunshine streaming through my windows.

It was nearly two years ago that I first started getting sick. It’s been such a painful time with all sorts of tests and medications and doctors, but I finally have hope that I will be able to get better one day soon.

Turns out I am highly allergic to mold. My system reacts violently to the stuff giving me symptoms similar to fibromyalgia. My doctors suggested that moving away from beautiful but damp Washington State might do wonders for my health, but it wasn’t until I traveled to Fiji and Australia in January that we realized how right they were.

Upon arrival in Fiji I lay down for a much-needed nap. When I awoke a few hours later I was astonished to discover that nearly all my symptoms had disappeared. After a few days in Australia I was feeling like my old self with energy, a clear head, and virtually no pain. I couldn’t believe it.

Within a day of returning to Washington all the ghastly symptoms returned and have grown steadily worse, sending me to bed for days at a time.

I am now in the process of moving to Australia – a place I’ve dreamed of moving to for years. I’ve been researching visas, going over paperwork, and saving up every spare penny. I will greatly miss my family and friends here in Washington, but am so grateful for the chance to get better.

Thankfully I will not be alone over there. I have many dear friends in the Brisbane area, and am excited to build good memories and traditions with them. I’m also excited to be hostess to my loved ones when they come to visit me.

I don’t have a departure date yet – there is money to be saved and papers to process first – but the hope of feeling better down the road gives me strength to press on through these painful weeks.

A few days ago I was feeling especially wretched when a dear friend called to see if he could stop by for a minute because he had something for me. When he arrived he handed me an envelope, explaining that an anonymous friend had given it to help me move to Australia. Stunned, I opened it. Inside was $700.00.

I just cried. šŸ™‚

In celebration of miracles and hope I made Aussie-style potatoes, an easy yet scrumptious dish dreamed up by my Aussie friend Robbie.

Simply fill a roasting bag (the kind used for turkey or roasts) with cubed potatoes, minced garlic, and a jar of marinated and seasoned Kalamata olives, close and bake at 375 degrees F for 45-60 minutes.

They are deliciously tender and flavorful, the mellow potatoes balanced beautifully by the tangy olives.

What is giving you joy this week?

(This is my contribution to Chaya’s Meatless Mondays. Click here to view more delicious meatless recipes.)

Aussie-Style Potatoes


4 Yukon gold potatoes
1 Tbsp minced garlic
1 jar marinated and seasoned Kalamata olives
1 roasting bag
salt and pepper


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.
  2. Combine all ingredients in roasting bag, close, and roast on cookie sheet for 45-60 minutes until potatoes are done and begin to brown.


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Chaya - I am happy for you and the years ahead that you will be relieved of all this pain. Just think, how you got here and how much you have to be thankful for. You are one special lady and deserve to live a full life. I pray that you will find every fulfillment possible in your move.

You are one of the greatest people, I have met, online. I appreciate everything about you. I share in your happiness and feel your pain so no more pain.

I am featuring these potatoes, tomorrow, on My Meatless Mondays for two reasons. I love these potatoes and plan to make them soon. Secondly, I want others to know that there are answers for them even if it means, moving across the world.

Joanne - Wow, Krista, that is quite a life change. What a good decision for your health. I know God will have something very special for you in Australia. Love and Prayers – the Robideaus

RamblingTart - My dear, dear friends – thank you SO much for all your kind words and support. šŸ™‚ Each message was like a big hug and cheered me tremendously. šŸ™‚

Tracy - That’s incredible. I hope you’re able to journey towards better health soon šŸ™‚

Hilda - Krista! How fantastic that you’ve discovered something that will make you better and are actively pursuing it. So exciting! I loved Australia and really look forward to reading your stories from there.

Anna - Woopie! Doin a happy dance. That is so cool, I just sent a message home to mom to tell her you were a moving to Australia. šŸ™‚ Im so excited, can’t wait! You will be a little hike away still, but, a $100 flight vs $1500 flight is easy. Super exciting news, and I do hope your feeling okay. Xxx

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella - Krista, how exciting that you are moving here to Australia! šŸ˜€ Although we’re just a little bit south of Brisbane (ok more than a little bit) it will be great reading all of your Australian stories!

Nicole - I’m sorry to hear you’ll be leaving Washington, but so thrilled for your upcoming adventure! And so glad you’ve figured out what’s making you sick and the solution is just what you want! šŸ™‚

Breanne - Krista, I’m so glad that you found a place that you can finally feel better and back to full energy. And it gives us another reason to visit Australia again. šŸ˜‰

Those potatoes look and sound really good, I’ll be trying them soon!

El - I’m so happy for you. It sounds like you’re in for a wonderful journey. It’s amazing how weather can change your health. I feel like a different person when the warm weather arrives here so I definitely understand where you’re coming from. Australia is beautiful. Bon voyage!

Corrie - Maybe dear Krista, you could charge us all for one of your great posts per month (subscription style) and ramp up the Australia savings a little faster. :0) Just an idea.

Katie@Cozydelicious - Oh Krista, I am so excited for you!!!! And so happy that you are doing what you need to do to take care of yourself. I can’t wait to start hearing all about your adventures in Australia. Enjoy the rest of your time in Seattle!

Kimberley - Heya!
We (my surfing hubby, bouncy toddlergirl and i) live at Manly, Sydney..
If you are ever around.. do not hesitate to contact me!!
Love Kimberley

Annie - You have no idea how happy I was when I read your comment on my post about you moving to Australia too! I assume you will be in Brisbane and I will be in Sydney but it’s still close enough!

It sounds like we might cross paths in Washington first though!

I’m so happy you are feeling better and so happy to hear about your amazing gift, that really does give hope and faith in the world!

Rebekah Reimers - Wow–I can’t tell you how pleased and excited I am for you! I am praying blessings down on your head in this new season of your life. One thing is absolutely certain: Washington’s loss is Australia’s gain my love. I wish you warmth and peace and joy.

tasteofbeirut - What an exciting time! A new country and a new life and the prospect of perfect health! Wishing you luck and many happy events in the years to come in your new home. How thrilling.

Ayngelina - What a wonderful story, and such a great new adventure!

the fisherlady - So excited about your move… it is hard on moms to have their kids so far away ( mine are in Mexico and South Africa) but always good to know our kids are doing what they love to do and are healthy. I love your Aussie potatoes! Wow!
All God’s blessings Krista

Sarah, Maison Cupcake - I hope you get to move there, especially if it looks like your health will benefit so much. I was following your posts during your trip and you obviously enjoyed it there. Hopefully it won’t be long until you get to go back!

Kitchen Butterfly - You truly are a girl after my own heart….with dreams of moving to Oz. I wish you ALL the best Krista – you deserve the physical rest and strength. Thankfully, we’ll keep in touch. Stay well, with love

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures - Wow, what a gift!!!!!!!!!!! You SO deserve it. I’m sorry you’ve been sick. You should REALLY try acupuncture.

Tuula - Thinking of you dear Krista, so sorry to hear that you are in a lot of pain…and then so happy to know that hope is on the horizon. You are such a beautiful person, there is a whole other, wonderful life waiting for you! xo

Deb - What a wonderful adventure! I have enjoyed your postings and am excited to hear of your next big adventure.
We are also moving to Australia and in two weeks! Will you be in Queensland then? We will be in Northern Queensland so please feel free to look us up. We wish you all the best!

Summer - Australia! Sounds like an adventure in the making. I hope it really will offer you healing. It’s hard to continually be dragging or in pain. The potatoes look yummy!

Karen - Oh wow, that is such exciting news, Krista!! I am so glad you finally figured out the cause of your sickness, and look where it has led you. I see lots of great things in store for you – a brand new adventure awaiting you Down Under. Here’s to the beginning of a great journey! šŸ™‚

LindyLouMac in Italy - Wow what exciting news, I am very happy for you especially as it means you will hopefully not suffer from your health problems any more. Life is a big adventure and I will enjoy following yours in a new country.

Zorymar - So excited for you and your future Krista! Here’s to a smooth and quick immigration process! šŸ™‚

Bluegreen Kirk - Those Aussie style potatoes look absolutely wonderful. Thanks for posting the recipe as well Australia is def a place I would like to visit.

bellini - Australia would be a wonderful place to be Krista. Of course we would miss you here on this coast but get better!!!!When I moved from damp Ontario to the semi-dessert of the Okanagan Valley my constant colds and infections disappeared too.

Vanessa@Luxuria - Wow! how wonderful that you can just say “I am moving to Oz” and be able to go; how lucky are you?
Your pictures here look divine, so I can see why you are so desperate to get into the warmth and relieve your awful symptoms. Here’s to a new chapter in your travels and health šŸ™‚

barbara - We look forward to your arrival here Krista. My son and fiancee have just completed the process of getting Maria’s visa (she is Canadian). It was long and involved but it’s just a matter of taking it step by step.

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