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Aussie Breakfasts with a View

My favorite part of each day in Australia was morning. I would wake early to this view, stare out the window for a while then clamber out of bed and wander out to the back porch for a sit. Twas the perfect way to wake up.

If ever my friends wondered where I was, they could find me perched there looking out at the gum trees and wildflowers, listening to the kookaburras and other Aussie birds twittering away.

Nearly every morning I had breakfast out there: freshly brewed coffee with milk and wildflower honey, and pristine white bowls filled with all sorts of scrumptious Aussie fruits like mild paw paw, tart passionfruit, and sweet mangoes.

I loved gutting the paw paws with all those strange looking seeds inside, then scooping out one juicy spoonful after another of sweet, fragrant fruit.

I learned to make a drink that I’m now addicted to: 1 part mango juice to 8 parts cold club soda. Delicious and so refreshing, especially in hot weather.

Breakfast was always on the back porch, rain or shine. The dogs, Whombat and Fletcher, would join us, nuzzling in for pats before settling down for a snooze. I got to drink coffee out of my very own personalized mug. If you look at the mug below, you’ll know my Aussie nickname. πŸ™‚

I took a short little video for you of the view from the back porch on one particularly rainy day.

Where is your favorite spot to eat breakfast?

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Annie - I LOVE tropical fruit and I think it’s the thing I miss most here in Italy, that and sharp cheddar and avocado… but MOSTLY fresh, juicy tropical fruit!

The shot of the paw paw is fabulous, but then again so are all of your shots! πŸ™‚

Joanne - Oh how I would have loved waking up to that view! You must have been so relaxed that whole time. I love that mango drink! SO refreshing.

A Canadian Foodie - If that is your back porch – which clearly it is – you are truly in the garden of Eden, Krista!
I think I hear Australia calling your name.

Nisrine|Dinners & Dreams - What a breakfast< I love everything in it! I haven't had passion fruit in ages!!

Anna Johnston - Awhhh, such a lovely shout out for the Aussie bush looking all green & pristine – isn’t it the nicest thing to wake up in the country listening to the sounds of the bush when everything is green & clean & brand spanking new day feeling? I love it too even though I’m a bit of a die hard Aussie city girl…., you can’t help but admire a new day like that huh πŸ™‚

Breanne - This was a breath of fresh air to read(and drool over!) on a wintry February morning. The fruit all sounds amazing.

I love sitting in a quiet place with time to enjoy the food and the solitude.

Lael Hazan - What a wonderful wake up post. In our hectic off to work and school mornings we often don’t take time to enjoy a leisurely breakfast nor our “little piece of paradise” view. Instead its “which kind of cereal or waffle” and off…. Weekends are our time for breakfast. The children and I make pancakes, waffles, muffins, omelets or whatever they desire. We’ve been known to make chocolate cake for…. well it turned out to be a brunch. Thank you for reminding me to take a breadth and take the time.

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bellini - There is nothing better than to wake up and have a leisurely breakfast. One thing about travelling is trying all of the delicious foods from the area. I don’t have a favourite place for breakfast at the moment unless we’re talking about a local restaurant.U’ll have to remedy that.

Corinne @ Gourmantic - No Vegemite for breakfast?! You’re not a true Aussie until you try it! πŸ˜‰

j9 - Mmm. That mango drink looks really good. I’ll have to make one someday.

I typically eat breakfast in my car on my way to work. πŸ™‚ However, my favorite spot is my comfy chair that’s tucked in the corner of the dining room. From it I can see into the kitchen and living areas and right out the giant front window. But I prefer to angle myself to the right to watch out the back window while the animals gather round, pretending they hate one another. But we all know it’s just an act. They’re the best of friends. πŸ™‚

Barbara - Yeswe have the best fruits here. Really sad to see our banana plantations on the news this morning aftervthe cyclone.

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