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Exploring Snowy Baden-Baden

Ever since I heard the name Baden-Baden I have wanted to visit this beautiful little spa town set on the edge of the Black Forest in Germany. We didn’t have time to try out any of the luxurious spa treatments or health clinics, but we had just enough time to wander the streets still resplendent in their holiday finery and a recent dusting of snow.

This has to be one of my favorite buildings – a delightful blast of color and festivity in a line of  stately but somber edifices.

As usual in German towns, the church is stunning, towering over the populace, providing a handy point of reference and meeting place for directionally challenged explorers.

We wandered happily along slushy cobbled lanes, popping into shops to peruse their wares, dashing up random stone staircases to see what lay beyond.

All too soon we had to depart. We strode past the town skating rink and I recalled with a smile my own childhood in Canada where I spent every winter afternoon on the ice playing hockey with my three brothers.

Then we piled into our cars and drove through the snow-blanketed town up, up into the gorgeous Black Forest towards our next destination.

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A Canadian Foodie - I love the red house, too… and the ice cycles and the steeple… and the snow. What a wonderful time!

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bellini - Never a doubt that you would thoroughly enjoy your stay Krista. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Have a wonderful New year celebration.

Rosa - Lovely and so magical!

Happy New Year!



mlleparadis - looks like a great time krista! you are making the snow look positively inviting!

esp loved the pic of the iceskates and those surreal christmas lights….good thing you’re bringing loved ones home with you. i can imagine it will be tough to tear yourself away! xoxo!

Andrea - Love it when I find a post that covers a places I’ve been curious about. I also have always wanted to check out Baden-Baden. It looks just lovely with all the snow – really like the ice skates shot. Thanks!

KelleyPerry - I checked! You are 97 miles from Rothenburg!


KelleyPerry - Funny you should mention a steeple’s purpose. Jonathan and I were talking the other day and I suggested that I thought steeples were put on churches so that people coming from far away, (ie, on foot, or horses, or carriages in the olden days) would know where it was. I had this epiphany while seeing a steeple on a back road in the Smokies of Gatlinburg, Tennessee where we spent Thanksgiving.

He’s the architect. . . he should have thought that through. I am getting so much smarter than he is!!! 🙂

Have you been to Rothenburg, Germany. It also is in Bavaria. We went there on our Honeymoon. I adored it! We had seen a picture of it in a cafe here in Birmingham. And, now after being there, a picture of that fortified city now hangs over my bed! The only town not bombed by the allies. Apparently the allies wanted a particular general that was hiding in that town, and because the Germans loved their town so much, they pushed the General outside of the walled city so that it would not be destroyed. Swing by there and have a beer for me!

okay, I have gotten rather lengthy! 🙂

bye! and have fun for me. Do something Totally Kelley over there, would you?

Food Lover Kathy - Thank you so much for sharing your holiday travels. I’m loving every post and making need-to-visit lists. I think Germany wins the prize for the country with the most Christmas spirit! The Christmas decorations are beautiful. I’m also interested in the answer to Ayngelina’s question 🙂 I know they make a dessert in France called Foret Noire — so maybe it isn’t a No. American invention!!

Ayngelina - Okay this is likely a ridiculous question, but have you had Black Forest Cake yet? Do they even eat it? Is it something North Americans just made up?

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