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My Military Heroes

Happy Memorial Day, dear ones. 🙂

Today I am honoring my military heroes, four dear family members who have served or are serving.

My Grandpa, Alfred Bjorn, Danish Armed Forces, Retired

My cousin, Darren Swetlishoff, Canadian Armed Forces, Retired

My brother, Dana Bjorn, United States Armed Forces, Retired

My brother, Evan Bjorn, United States Armed Forces, Active

Thank you for enduring loneliness, loss, privation, fear, and pain so we can be safe and free.

I love you all and you mean the world to me.

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eleni - What a wonderful family… lovely tribute

RamblingTart - Thank you, Duchess. 🙂 I think they’re pretty handsome too. 🙂

RamblingTart - Thank you so much, Joanne. That really, really means a lot to me.

RamblingTart - I love my family too, Zizi, and as much as I hate war and the awful suffering that goes with it, I am proud of what they have done, the lives they’ve saved, the difference they’ve made for good in the places they’ve been.

I actually have THREE brothers. 🙂

Duchess - What a beautiful family.

Joanne - Beautiful post Krista! I will be keeping all of these people in my thoughts and heart.

Zita - Krista!
Your family is lovely and I’m sure you are proud of them.
(I didn’t know you have two brothers! :))

Zita - Krista!
I don’t agree that American soldiers are sent to Iraq or Afghanistan. So many of them and Iraqi, Afghanistani die there without rhyme or reason. I agree with what Ron Paul says.

RamblingTart - Thank you so much, Marie! I know that means a lot to him. 🙂

RamblingTart - Thank you, Valerie. 🙂 I’m rather fond of them. 🙂

RamblingTart - Thank you, Paradis! 🙂 I am doing better and better. Will just take a while to get really well. 🙂 I’ve had a wonderfully relaxing weekend, thank you!! Hope yours was splendid too. 🙂

Marie - Amen and Amen! I am grateful and humbled by those who have served and continue to serve us. Praying for Evan. ~M

Valerie - What a lovely tribute. You have a beautiful family. 🙂

mlle paradis - Nice tribute to your loved ones Krista! Hope you’re feeling better and that you enjoyed the long weekend!

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