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Quiet Revolutions

“The greatest and most powerful revolutions often start very quietly,
hidden in the shadows.
Remember that.”
Richelle Mead

I needed quiet time this week. Time to grieve the horrors in the world, to be thankful all my loves are safe, to find my courage again.

It’s a sobering thing to be reminded how little control we have. To know we can’t always protect each other, can’t always help each other.

But we must keep trying.


I’ve felt a lot of fear this week. Fear for my friends and family in Europe, fear of unreasonable people who delight in murder and pain, fear for refugees facing backlash for obscene deeds done by others.

I’ve felt anger too. Anger with those who use this scary time to generate more fear, who pressure us to abandon love and compassion and stop helping those in need.

But I’ve also felt joy and pride as I see so many step out of their fear and choose love.

It makes me cry to see my friends collecting food and clothing for refugees who’ve lost everything, organizing support for newly landed immigrants, looking for ways to help, cheer, comfort, and heal.

The first group of Syrian refugees is arriving in our area shortly, and I’m so proud of the government agencies who stuck with their pledge to give them a new home and help them start over in spite of huge pressure not to. I can only imagine how scary this is for them, starting over completely, afraid of how they’ll be received, wondering what this new life of theirs is going to look like. I hope we can make them feel welcome and wanted.

As I look at these good things I can’t help but think that this is how we quietly, steadily change the world: loving our families, loving our neighbors, cheering on everyone who walks in love.

Wishing you peace and courage. xo

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budgetjan - I have been worried about the carnage in the world too. As well as the horror of that, a friend of ours lost her long battle with cancer this week which is quite confronting as she was such a vibrant and young person. But there is always beauty in the world and seeing your beautiful photos is always inspiring Krista. I’m not sure if we are getting any Syrian Refugees in our area or not. I am surprised that they are arriving so soon as the Government usually moves slowly. Will they be living in the country towns near you?

Turkey's For Life - What a lovely post. Yeah, the world’s not in good place right now but there are a loving and compassionate people out there who will keep working to change it and we all need to pull together and not let evil, fear and anger be the winners! Great that your area is accepting refugees, and like you said, hope they are made welcome and made to feel a part of the community.

Tandy Sinclair - I can only pray that the refugees who come and live as your neighbours are not intent on killing innocent people!

Krista - That is my hope as well, @[email protected]:disqus

Krista - “keep working to change it” – yes, that’s at the heart isn’t it, @[email protected]:disqus ? It’s a hard, scary situation, but as you said, we can’t let evil, fear, and anger be the winners. xo

Krista - I’m so very, very sorry to hear about your friend, dear @@budgetjan:disqus XO What a sad thing. Wishing you and her family comfort as you remember her. I was surprised the refugee resettlement is happening so quickly too. Yes, they’ll be staying in a town about 40 minutes from me.

mlleparadis - yes!!!!!!! YES! YES! YES!!!!!!!!! Good post girlfriend. Yes, hope. And welcome. IT IS THE RIGHT THING.

Krista - Thank you, dear paradis XO It IS the right thing.

Hotly Spiced - I think everyone in the West is very concerned about the attacks on our citizens and way of life. It’s most definitely not something we’ve ever had to endure before. While most people are good and well intentioned, sadly it only takes a few to wreck such carnage xx

Anna Johnston - Your post says everything I am feeling too. I try not to focus to strongly on where the world is at in that regard tho, its terrifying, but
there are many beautiful, loving and compassionate people like you and me who do help change for the positive, the more love and strength and beauty we put out into the world, the more we kick
fear and anger in the butt. Biiiiiiiig love headed your way sweet lady. Stay being amazing and all the lovely that you are. xox

Kim - Liv Life - Your words hit home with me today as I sit here listening to a local radio station talking about the San Bernardino shootings yesterday. So, so sad and a little terrifying. But yes, so much good and so many stories of love and help arising as well. Praying for peace around the world.

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