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  • Welcome to rambling tart

    I'm so glad you're here! My name is Krista, though my friends call me George, Phryne, Luna, FaFa, or Poppit, so take your pick. :-) I'm a wood-burning artist, goat farmer, author and photographer of all things food, travel, and lifestyle.

    Born in Canada, raised in the USA, and shaped by my European roots, I now live on a goat farm in Queensland, Australia with my husband Bear where I celebrate anything that leads to healing, thriving, and loving.

    I look forward to getting to know you and hope we get to visit often as we share good food, great conversation, and the little things that make each of our lives worth living. :-)

Lago Orta, Italy at Dusk

A dusky Autumn stroll, Lago Orta, Italy

Lago Orta restaurant



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  • Jamie

    How beautiful! I miss Italy so much….lucky you. Stunning!

    • Krista

      I miss it too, Jamie. Terribly. :-) I’m so glad we get to have photos to remind us of such wonderful places and memories. :-)

  • bellini


    • Krista

      Thank you, Val! I’m so glad you like them too. :-)

  • mlleparadis

    All gorgeous pics – ahhhhh la bella vita!  The second one especially though – the colors, the light…….captures the evening mood perfectly.  xoxo

    • Krista

      That was my favorite shot too, Paradis!! :-) Love the colors and the mood. :-)

  • hila

    oh dear, this is too much! How beautiful can a place be?

    • Krista

      Doesn’t it almost ache it’s so lovely? :-)

  • Anonymous

    Oh wow, how beautiful Krista – what a special trip that was :) LOVE the light in those photos!

    • Krista

      It was SO special, Tuula. That evening by the lake was nourishing to body and soul. :-)

  • Stevie

    This looks like the perfect evening!

    • Krista

      It really was, Stevie. :-) Especially since it was followed by a marvelous dinner of risotto and prawns. :-)

  • Stevie

    This looks like the perfect evening!

  • Food Lover’s Odyssey

    Ah, it seems like just yesterday we were there!  LOVE the gorgeous photos, as always, Krista.  You’ve captured the lake and its beauty well.

    • Krista

      I’m so glad you like them, Kathy. :-) I was thrilled that they turned out and authentically captured that glorious light. :-)

  • Andrea and John

    Looks so peaceful and relaxing – I need to visit more places like this in Italy!

    • Krista

      I do hope you can go there one day, Andrea. :-) It has all the beautiful of Maggiore without the touristy feel. Just lovely. :-)

  • Jeanne @ CookSister!

    Gorgeous snaps!  The one with the lamppost makes me think of a Magritte painting…

    • Krista

      Thank you, Jeanne. :-) I love that one of the lamppost. :-)

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