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    I'm so glad you're here! My name is Krista, though my friends call me George, Phryne, Luna, FaFa, or Poppit, so take your pick. :-) I'm a wood-burning artist, goat farmer, author and photographer of all things food, travel, and lifestyle.

    Born in Canada, raised in the USA, and shaped by my European roots, I now live on a goat farm in Queensland, Australia with my husband Bear where I celebrate anything that leads to healing, thriving, and loving.

    I look forward to getting to know you and hope we get to visit often as we share good food, great conversation, and the little things that make each of our lives worth living. :-)

The Colorful Boats of Malta

One of my favorite sights in Malta are the beautiful and brilliantly colored boats that dot the harbors, bobbing on the waves as the sun glints off their glossy coats of vivid yellow, green, and blue.

I captured a few shots of their cheery features and hope you like them too.:-)

Malta fishing boat

Maltese luzzu

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  • Bjorn_family

    Some of these would make great jigsaw puzzles!

    • Krista

      They sure would!! :-)

  • El

    I love the colors. The shots you’re getting during your travels are amazing. Can’t wait for more!

    • Krista

      Aren’t they delicious, El? :-) I’m so glad you like the pictures. I’m having such fun taking them. :-)

  • bellini

    Your photos are so crisp and clear. Lovely, lovely shots Krista!

    • Krista

      Thank you, Val! I’m happy you like them. :-)

  • Andrea and John

    Leave it to you to make even a dirty dock look incredibly beautiful – so much colour here, love it! =)

    • Krista

      LOL! :-) Thanks, Andrea. :-) I guess beauty IS in the eye of the beholder, eh? :-)

  • Andi Perullo

    WOW I have never seen THAT color of water before…magical!

    • Krista

      Isn’t it magnificent, Andi? I’m absolutely mesmerized by it. :-)

  • Anonymous

    Great colors Krista! Still can’t believe you are in Malta – what an adventure! Bon weekend my dear :)

    • Krista

      I’m so glad you love them too, Tuula! :-) I can’t believe I’m here either. What a wonderful surprise!! :-)

  • Velva-Tomatoes on the Vine

    Look at that water! So beautiful.


    • Krista

      Isn’t it marvelous, Velva? I just love it. :-)

  • LindyLouMac in Italy

    Not only are the boats glorious colours but the water is so turquoise.

    • Krista

      I agree, Linda! The colors are just magnificent. :-)


    Gorgeous colours Krista

    • Krista

      Thank you, Barbara! I’m glad they delight you too. :-)

  • Joanne

    Your pictures once again take my breath away!

    • Krista

      That makes me SO happy, Joanne! :-)

  • Rosa May

    Beautiful! Those colors are so relaxing.



    • Krista

      Thank you, Rosa! They are very soothing for me too. :-)

  • Lana

    I love harbours, especially the smaller and more quaint ones.  Malta looks beautiful, enjoy!x

  • Faith

    These are such happy, lovely pictures, Krista!  I hope you’re having a wonderful time!

  • Walking Tours Rome

    Those ARE some colorful boats, aren’t they? Great photos – makes me want to be out on the open water myself. :)


  • Rae

    Krista, these are so great.  I LOVE the photos! :)

  • Rajasthan Tours

    in photo color nice