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Wordless Wednesday: Albania

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Breanne - I’m quite curious now about Albania and the Balkans after our conversation…what a neat looking bulding, I bet it could tell some stories.

Bren Herrera - what a telling picture. i love the dimensions in it. thanks for sharing!

Velva - Love it!!!!

Velva - Love it!!!

Barbara - That is a perfect photo! The blue boat is amazing.

mlleparadis - that’s some solid looking tower!

i’ve been preoccupied, but i just caught up with you. love the sound of that chickpea/pepper etc soup and sounds like a great wkend with the new/old blog friends.

keep doing what you do! i’ll keep coming back!

Michael - I love these old towers. This is an extremely interesting one. Was it on a river?

hila - oh gasp! literally, that’s all I can say (and type).

Jackie ( - What a lovely photo. Great depth of field =)

Corinne @ Gourmantic - I like the little white boat by the foot of the tower. It gives it scale and a sign of life…

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