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An Autumn Lunch In Amsterdam

It was a bright and briskly cold October day in Amsterdam as my brother Ryan, his girlfriend Melissa, my friend Amy and I donned warm sweaters and woolly scarves and headed out for lunch and a stroll.

The streets of Amsterdam are endlessly fascinating to me. I love the tall, narrow canal houses with their gabled tops and pert little windows, the cobbled streets lined with elegant pastry shops, haute couture, and bicycles everywhere.

Ry and Melissa led us to one of their favorite spots perched on the edge of a canal. We found seats outside in a sunny patch and ordered foamy coffee to warm our fingers and tummies. I think it’s splendid when my coffee arrives with a little extra something like these teensy chocolate chip cookies.

We had such fun soaking up that rare Autumn sunshine, chatting happily about our travel adventures and plotting how we would spend that day. We were off to visit Corrie ten Boom’s house, a place I’d read about over and over as a child through her book The Hiding Place. (This week I wrote an article on it for The Travel Belles. Click here to read more about this amazing woman and her family who rescued Jews in Holland during WWII.)

At last our food arrived and ooeee, was it ever good!!! We shared steaming Dutch pea soup – amazing!! – and I had a fantastic toasted sandwich: thick fresh grainy bread topped with a thick slab of tender smoked turkey breast, fresh tomatoes and gooey circles of melted brie. It was heavenly.

It was such a beautiful start to our day: dear friends, delicious food, and the anticipation of a new adventure.

What is your favorite lunch on a cold day?

This is my contribution to Wanderfood Wednesday. Click here to view more foods from around the world.

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bellini valli - Sounds like an adventyre. My favouriye meal on a cold day would be an ipen faced grilled cheese sandwich with homestyle bread,ham, tomato and garlic with a steaming mug of Habitant pea soup!!

Nicole - I can feel the briskness in the air! I love all the bicycles in Amsterdam too. 🙂

RamblingTart - Ohhh, that meal sounds fantastic, Val! I would love that too. 🙂

RamblingTart - Aren’t the bicycles delightful, Nicole? I was SO nervous the first time I rode one there, but quickly got the hang of it and loved it!! 🙂

mlle paradis - what a nice place to touch down on a rainy day in l.a.! welcome back and sorry to hear you’re under the weather again! i hope the pics of the foamy capuccino and melty brie made you feel better cause they really did me! will definitely try the broccoli recipe and LASTLY – WOW!!!! THOSE RACCOONS! way cool. lucky you. way, way cool.

cheers and xoxo Krista!

RamblingTart - Thank you, Paradis!! Yes, the pics DID make me feel better. Funny how photos can cheer a person up, eh? 🙂 I’m glad to be home too. 🙂

Faith - What a lovely meal! The mini chocolate chip cookies with the coffee would totally have made my day. 🙂 My favorite lunch on a cold day is tomato soup with a warm sandwich.

Tracy - Oh, I want to be there. Hat/scarf/coffee and all. Hmmm…favorite lunch on a cold day…tuna melt, I think.

Duchess - Soup and bread, nothing like it!

Heather on her travels - So nice to have bright autumn weather when it’s still warm enought to sit comfortably outside

jessiev - YUM. you sure make me want to go – i would totally eat that sandwich!

elra - You are all over the world Krista, the minute I thought you still in South America, now already in Europe 🙂
Enjoy the rest of your traveling dear.

Anna Johnston - Love days like this where you’ve got an adventure to enjoy with friends you care about & it all starts out in the fresh air eating. Doesn’t get any better than that huh!
Favourite lunch on a cold day is a big hearty soup with crusty fresh bread & coffee, glorious coffee.

jen cheung - I want to visit Amsterdam one day! looks amazing there!!

Have a lovely day love!!
jen @

Maria Staal - Hey, I didn’t realise you were in my country! I hope you like it. 🙂

Tuula M - Wow, sounds the idea of Dutch pea soup & also the melted Brie looks to die for! What an awesome day…& thanks for your descriptions of Amsterdam – haven’t been yet, but seems like an absolutely fantastic city 🙂 xx

Jamie - Oh I want to go back to Amsterdam now! It’s A fabulous city and your food looks yummy! I love Dutch pea soup. Soups and stews are the best cold weather food. And Indian cooking.

Sarah, Maison Cupcake - Always wanted to go to Amsterdam, it’s one of those places where my husband has been so we never prioritise going there. I love all the bikes although actually London has just as many these days!

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