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Hello! Welcome to ramblingtart, where love and ingenuity are celebrated with creative teamwork and inspiring collaboration.

Have you always wanted your own blog, but don’t know where to start?

Would love to start selling your artwork or crafts on Etsy, but have no idea where to begin?

Wish you could finally publish that novel or cookbook you wrote, but don’t have the foggiest notion on how to do it?

I would love to help you. Seriously. I’d love it! Few things make me happier than working to take a tiny germ of an idea and help it grow into something you’ll be oh-so proud of.

I’m an author, blogger, social media consultant, artist, and photographer with over 16 years experience in both print and online publications, and would be thrilled to bits to meet with you in person or on Skype for a free 30-minute consultation to see how we can kick-start that dream of yours.

Here are a few things I can do for you:

  • design a blog
  • set up and plan your social media campaign
  • design your book
  • set up an etsy shop
  • take photos of your products to share on your blog, Etsy, and social media


“Working with Krista has been a decidedly bright spot in my professional career!

She helped me take my dream of working freelance from “wouldn’t that be nice” to reality.

She has connected me with people and resources and empowered me to do what I always wanted professionally.

Besides all of that, she is just plain FUN to work with!”

– Christy Exstrum, Editor, Write Hand Woman –


If you fancy partnering with me to bring your dream to vibrant life, here’s what the process looks like.



Email me at ramblingtart at gmail dot com and schedule a Free 30–ish-Minute Consultation (via Skype or in person). We’ll chat and laugh and get to know each other a bit, then flesh out your lovely dream and figure out how to make it happen.


I’ll develop two things: 1) a Snazzy Plan of Action with clear steps and a workable time frame, and 2) a Contract based on our initial consultation, and send both to you for your review and signatures.


We will meet again for discussion and clarification, then initiate our Snazzy Plan of Action, and not stop until you’re delighted and satisfied.


Collective Happy Dancing and Woo-hoo-ing as we launch your site, shop, or product.

Ready to take that first step? Email me today at ramblingtart at gmail dot com, and let the magic begin!


 “I’ve been a businesswoman for years, but when the time came to move online, I had no idea where to start.
Krista listened to my goals and dreams,
designed and set up my website, Etsy shop, and social media,
and trained me how to use all three.
She also trained me in taking better photos so my products would look their very best.
Working with her gave me the start I needed, the inspiration to expand, and the confidence to press forward with courage.”
Lynne Moodie, Quilts-A-Lot Design


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Michelle York - “Perfection includes Imperfection.” ~ Guru Om https://themercurialworld.blogspot.com/

Claire - Your site…is very inspirational! Your photographs are so clear and beautiful. What do you use for a camera? I am wanting to purchase a new camera, but am confused with all the various brands out there.

Thank you for the lovely site!

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