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I’m so glad you’re here. Truly. I love good company.

My name is Krista, (aka Phryne, Poppit, George, FaFa, or Luna), and I am a Canadian born and bred lass who lived in America for 20 years before heading to Europe and finally ending up where I was meant to be: on a hobby farm in rural Queensland, Australia with my Aussie hubby, Bear.

We live on 40 acres in rural Southern Queensland, and every day is a bit madcap as we juggle jobs and gardens and orchards and our bustling menagerie of 6 goats, 3 geese, 4 dogs, 1 turkeys, innumerable chickens, 4 sheep named Kebab, Anni, Emma, and Lillypilly, and two Tamworth Saddleback pigs named Pancetta and Prosciutto. We get up early and go to bed early and are always tired and covered in scratches and bruises and sometimes look at each other and think, “What are we doing??!!” But we wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s our crazy dream and even when things go wonky, and they always do, we still love it.

There’s something wonderful about waking up before the sun and watching it set the fields aglow with light, getting teary with joy as fat raindrops fall after a long drought, watching spindly trees and withered up seeds turn into productive orchards and thriving gardens that provide food for us every day.

Bear and Poppit

When I’m not chasing goats or collecting eggs, mending fences or hauling hay, I earn my paycheck as an author and freelance writer, artist, and photographer, and helping creative souls build their online presence through setting up websites, Etsy shoppes, and managing social media campaigns. I write books, articles for magazines and newspapers, and travel guides. I work from home or anywhere I have internet access. That flexibility makes this wild life of ours possible, and I’m thankful for it.

books and art

In our precious free time we run a medieval enactment group called Blackwolf. We enact the life of a trader caravan in the 12th century, and have an absolute ball with our mates as we camp, eat, dress, and sleep medieval. You can read more about our adventures here.

I love good food, great books, and traveling whenever possible, but I’m especially passionate about healing, whether it’s our bodies, our minds, or our spirits. I went through some pretty rough experiences for many years, things that left me chronically ill, struggling with depression, PTSD, and deep fear. Coming out the other side of all that darkness made me cherish everything that heals, whether it’s making a beeline for a counselor, heading outside to hike or garden, hiding away for a bit to journal, sleep, and be alone with my thoughts, or connecting with safe people who truly care about wholeness.

I hope that this place will be a safe one for you, a place of support and understanding, where we can inspire and encourage each other as we all wobble along in this crazy, beautiful life.

Krista xo


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