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Thanking the Changelings

It’s dark and still this morning. The air feels thick and heavy, with barely a breath of air to stir the leaves in the trees. It’s a day for quiet contemplation, for gentle pokings and proddings as I examine my life and work again to make sure they’re reflecting what I value most.

As I look I see need for course correction, a little nudge here, a screeching halt there, and it’s good, scary, always scary, but always good.

Change is an unsettling thing, but one I’m getting better at embracing. I picture Change as a new friend, someone you have a feeling is going to be a kindred spirit, but you’re still at the get-to-know-you stage and things are a bit awkward. This week I’m sitting quietly with the latest Changeling to come into my life, asking questions, being vulnerable, figuring out how to work together in a way that’s nourishing and good, doing the things that always help me in these situations.

Meet with the Trusted Ones

This week I arranged meetings with people I trust and respect, people who know me and can see my strengths and talents when I feel wobbly. It was so good to toss around ideas and list options and get their advice and insights. I’ve found that some Changelings can be a bit blinding, as if you’re staring blankly into a glaring spotlight and can’t see things clearly. It helps to have others sit with me and be honest and supportive until the glare subsides and I can see what they can see.

Meet with the Healers

Change, even good change, can shake my foundations, and I need to get settled again before making decisions or moving forward. So this week I met with my healers, the people who have proven themselves trustworthy in caring for my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. We talked and laughed and worked through the wonky thinking that was keeping me stuck in fear and distrust. We did physical therapy and chiropractic and as my body unclenched itself and released the pain, I was able to think clearly again. I ate nourishing things – grapes and tomatoes and cucumbers and lovely soups and herbal teas – and my body received the support it needed.

Meet with Nature

I get restored by green grass and wind in the trees and early morning sunshine and afternoon rains. Running my hands over rosemary and lavender calms and settles me and gets the ol’ brain working better. I’ve loved getting outside this week, even in the rain, pinching flowers off the basil to keep it from going to seed, harvesting and roasting radishes, scratching pig backs and goat heads and dog ears. There’s something about connecting to living things that restores my spirits and gives me courage to press on with excitement into the unknown.

Meet with Myself

I’ve spent extra time sitting quietly with myself, letting the fears bubble up and dissipate, acknowledging my strengths and weaknesses, and figuring out my next step. I’ve slept more and given myself permission to stop worrying, gone for drives and taken walks, read books and listened to other people’s stories, brainstormed and wrote lists, researched and let my imagination run wild – all those things that help bring clarity and purpose.

I know my next steps now, and I’m excited, truly excited. It’s just a quiet little life with very small happinesses and tiny dreams, but it’s all mine, and I’m so thankful for it.

I wasn’t keen on this Changeling when it first arrived, but now I’d happily leap back in time and give it a hug and say, “Thanks, luv. You were just what I needed.”

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Emma Raphael - You write so beautifully! 🙂 I had to agree with you 100% about getting out into nature. Whenever I find things are getting too much, I head outside, where you immediately feel reconnected with nature. Great therapy! 🙂

Michelle York - Your beautiful post reflects the Truth..The only way to make changes in life is through ‘Witness Consciousness’ which is what your post is all about. You’re on your way dear heart.
You’re ever-well-wishing friend


Maureen - Your search for peace, happiness and healing is headed in the right direction. You surround yourself with beauty and living things and it’s got to make a difference.

budget jan - You’re very good embracing change. I’m not good at it, although I realize some change is good.

Tandy I Lavender and Lime - Happiness is always the key!

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