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Autumn is Coming

We’re easing in to my favourite time of year in Southern Queensland: Autumn.

I feel it in the mornings as I wake and reach for a pashmina to pull close around my shoulders until the sun comes up, and at night when I climb into bed and actually want the covers snug around me. It’s glorious.

I love going for walks on these pre-Autumn mornings when our world is aglow and everything shimmers and sparkles.

The geese have their morning ablutions in the water trough, splashing about making a right royal mess and having a marvelous time before they amble off to nibble new grass under the trees.

The goats take their time getting up, soaking in the warming rays of sunshine before getting to their feet and looking for sunny patches to graze in.

I let the dogs out for a run and they gallop across the farmyard, saying hello to everyone they meet, piddling happily on fence posts, car tires, and gates until they feel their territory is securely theirs once again.

Chooks and turkeys are out already, looking for bugs in the tall grass of the orchard, trying to pinch Freja’s dog food when she’s not looking.

My gardens are happiest this time of day, perky and alert after hours of cool darkness and good drink of water the night before.

I like brushing past the overgrown lavender and rosemary bushes, for their scent lingers on my skin and I catch whiffs of it throughout the day.

Yesterday I planted red carrots, creamy white parsnips, purple-topped turnips, leeks, and heaps of borage. Borage was used to make a restorative drink in medieval times, and knights would drink it before battle believing it gave them extra courage. I want to make my own brew for medieval events this year. I’ve tried growing borage in summer, but the days are simply too hot and they die quickly. I’m hoping Autumn might work better.

It’s lovely to see my winter garden taking shape even as my plucky summer one continues give out a steady harvest of eggplants, chilies, capsicum, asparagus, and a few beans. I was excited to find a few apples on our small apple trees, and look forward to the day when the trees are big and strong and covered with crisp, ripe apples for eating, making hard cider, wine, and vinegar, and plenty of spiced applesauce and apple butter.

Mmm, now it’s time for breakfast. Bear has been cooking away while I write, making a scrumptious hash of leftover potatoes, roast beef, slow-roasted carrots, caramelized leeks, and a few eggs. There’s nothing like a hearty breakfast to start the day off right.

What is your favourite hearty breakfast? xo

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Emma - That first picture is just gorgeous, and I loved your description of an early morning in your part of the world. Here we are heading in to Spring, and whilst it still feels quite far off, the daffodils are nearly out so it can’t be ages away! 🙂

Lorraine - Oh yummy, sounds delish. Autumn is the best here you are so right. Being from England I love eggs, bacon, etc and my hubby is great at doing this on the BBQ 😄

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