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A Jolly Good Rest and Spelt Cheddar Dill Scones

It’s been a beautiful weekend with just the right mix of fun and rest.

Sunday was spent with dear friends at our friend Sue’s house in Brisbane, chatting up a storm over a table laden with roast chicken, homemade spelt bread, heaps of veggies and salads, cold beers, and more than a few glasses of homemade wine.

When we weren’t visiting, we were in Sue’s back yard engaged in medieval combat and practicing archery. So. Much. Fun. At least it was until I let off a wild shot that punctured Sue’s water tank and sent precious water squirting out like a fountain! Ack!

Thankfully there was no shortage of handy blokes on hand and while one plugged the hole with a stick, others scrounged in the shed for washers and bolts and soon had the hole fixed. Phew!!! I was horrified, but once the hole was fixed everyone laughed heartily and teased me mercilessly. Sue thought it was hilarious, bless her, and her neighbor’s grandsons praised me enthusiastically for my fantastic archery skills, the little buggers.

Today was much less dramatic, but every bit as fun. I had an honest to goodness Day Off. No farm work, no writing or law or school work, no garden or house projects.

My friend Parker always makes scones on a resting day, and I followed her excellent example with a big batch of tender, buttery Spelt Cheddar Dill Scones. Swoon.

I spent most of the day tucked up in bed relaxing my little heart out, sipping coffee, eating scones, writing in my journal, and reading an excellent new book Sue loaned me. Bear popped in now and then for visits and to show me the new scabbards he’s making for our swords. Clouds made everything dark and cozy, and smatterings of rain sent the most fragrant breezes through the open windows.

I feel so much better: rested, nourished, spoiled. The best Day Off I’ve had in ages.

What is your favorite sort of Day Off? xo

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Denise Browning@From Brazil To You - Krista:
What a gorgeous blog you have!
Rest is something that I need so bad yet won’t have it soon. But I would be delighted to sit at that table to savor these delicious cheddar scones accompanied by a good cup of coffee.
Have an amazing weekend… and thank you for the visit.

Hotly Spiced - Great shot with the arrow! I’m glad the hole could be repaired. You must have felt terrible! I do love the indulgence of a day where you are just allowed to do nothing xx

Anna @ shenANNAgans - Your day sounds absolutely perfect, especially the scone bit, how good are scones?! I really want scones now. My favourite kind of day off includes my couch, a TV series or romantic comedy, my puppy and supply of easy to make foods.

Sosae - Oh gosh, I loved your Bunya Moutains trip posts, and I’m loving your back home and comfy posts! I guess I just love following along on your spirited adventures, bright or cloudy, home or abroad, whatever the mood or temperature. You’re just that honest and special. Thanks for sharing, btw. You ALWAYS brighten my day.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella - Hehe if only my days off involve archery and medieval combat rather than lying in bed watching tv! 😛

Tandy | Lavender and Lime - I think in ancient times you might have lost your head for wasting the water. Time of sounds like the perfect weekend to me 😀

Nancy | Plus Ate Six - I love the way you spend your days practising archery and medieval combat!! You know I’m a fan of spelt scones – bacon and cheddar cheese is my favourite combo at the moment.

LindyLou Mac - I had to laugh about the archery Krista, as that is just the sort of thing that would happen to me.

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