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Resting and Baby Goats

It’s been rather quiet around here as I continue to recover from the spider bite I received last week. After further research of symptoms we learned it was almost certainly a redback, and that I’m one of the “1 in 5 people” who get the full body symptoms – nausea, fever, aches, and exhaustion. It’s been hard, but I’m trying to just accept what is and look for ways to thrive in it. Farm life doesn’t stop for spider bites, so I’ve been trucking along with lots of breaks for naps and rests.

Today I set up a stool in the meadow so I could keep an eye on the goats while they grazed. Although the fields looked brown and dry without anything to eat, close to the ground was a veritable feast of green clover, herbs, weeds, and grasses that goats love. It did my heart good to see that Spring is indeed just around the corner.

It was so nice to be outside instead of huddled in bed shivering from cold and fever. The sunshine filtering down was lusciously warm and the fresh air wonderful. Wrapped up in Bear’s flannel jacket I spent a happy couple of hours reading “wild” by Cheryl Strayed as the goats wandered about noshing on the green undergrowth. (Nothing quite like reading about someone else’s miseries to make your own more bearable. :-))

Apollo, one of our Maremma dogs, kept coming up for cuddles, nosing under my book and wriggling into my lap before bounding off to bark protectively at “dangerous” trucks and horses across the road.

After a good lunch and long rest, I bundled up again and went out to the goat yard to see how our babies were doing. I found this fellow newly born, snoozing contentedly in the sunshine. I don’t know where he got his light coloring, but he sure is cuddly and cute.

The two sets of twins born over the weekend are doing well, learning to jump and always finding the sunniest spot to curl up for their naps. I can’t get enough of their cuteness.

Now it’s time for me to head to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a big day as we spend it in our orchards pruning trees, harvesting the last of our citrus, and planning where to plant our cider trees that arrived last week. I love their names – Improved Foxwhelp, Brown Snout, and Tremlett’s Bitter – and can’t wait for them to start producing well in a couple of years.

What project are you looking forward to tackling this week? xo

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Kim - Liv Life - Ugh… spider bites!! Just gives met he shivers. But I’ve been loving your baby goat pics on facebook this week!! I’ve shown the kids multiple times and they are now saying Yes mom… a new goat. They are just too adorable not to share though!!! Feel better Krista.

Vannessa@Luxuria - So sorry to hear about your spider bite Krista, something I would have been terrified of (and I know the spiders you we have in the UK are no comparison to the ones you have in Oz). Keep “mending” and “recuperating” lovely lady xx

Nagi | RecipeTin Eats - OMG! A red back? Thank GOD you are ok, that’s so scary! I bet those baby goats went a long way to cheer you up. Please rest up and you’re back to 100% soon. N x

Tandy Sinclair - Don’t strain yourself and make sure you keep warm and hydrated! The goats are really cute Krista 🙂

Hotly Spiced - Bitten by a red back? That’s terrible! I did wonder what sort of spider had bitten you. At least it wasn’t a funnel web! But still, it’s nasty enough and I hope you get over all the symptoms it’s given you. I do love your baby goats – they are beyond cute! xx

My Kitchen Stories - Oh no Krista I didnt know you had been bitten. scary and horrible. Hope you get better fastr

Anna Johnston - Pretty please with a cherry on top give those beautiful baby goats a cuddle from me. Heart feels!!!!
Excellent you are seeing just a hint of Spring, its still well cold down my way. Sigh.
I am about to tackle a Pinterest course, so that is the project I will be working on for now.
Have a happy week lovely. xo

Cathy - I hope you are feeling better soon Krista. Gosh the goats are so cute 🙂 Hope your pruning goes well.

mlleparadis - oh the bucolic life! spiders included!!!!! we have a few of those here too but so far never such a bad reaction. get better soon!


budgetjan - Hi Krista, I think Brown Snout is an apt name for cider produced from your Goat Farm! I can imagine you sitting in the sun watching the goats. Sun is so nourishing and relaxing in cold weather. You are an Aussie Icon now – having been bitten by a red back! Hope the symptoms disappear quickly Krista. 🙁

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