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A Good Morning

“I drink cup of sunlight every morning to brighten myself.” Debasish Mridha

I love the first rays of sunlight coming up over the fields, filtering through the kitchen window splattered from enthusiastic bathing by ducks in the water tank below, settling seedlings aglow, making the world seem softer, brighter, more hopeful.

It seeps across the kitchen floor turning old floorboards warm and golden before it slips back out the window and clambers up onto the roof.

It’s such a beautiful time of day, the one I look forward to most as I finish up the dishes, brew cuppas, and work out my to-do list. Today my list includes the following:

  • plant seedlings in newly cleared garden
  • bake bread for article on soup and bread
  • do research for writing assignment
  • harvest beetroot and purple carrots
  • pay bills
  • remember to hang the laundry
  • eat banana muffins with butter
  • mend sundress
  • un-decorate Christmas tree
  • taste first elderberry

And now the luscious morning sun has disappeared behind a wonderfully cooling haze of clouds. Just the sort of weather I was hoping for as I head out to the gardens.

What are you most looking forward to accomplishing on your to-do list today? xo

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Anna Johnston - How wonderful, love your outlook on life. 🙂
Today, I have an epic list of wedding inquiries to get through, but right now, taking some time out to enjoy a sweet cuppa tea.
Happy week to you lovely lady, hope your Australia day weekend was fun filled.

Coffee and Crumpets - I know the time of day you’re talking about 🙂 Here in COlorado, we are blessed to have the most amazing sunrises and they colour the whole sky pink and blue and as my eyes open, I can tell from the pink glow that seeps into out bedroom and colours everything. I loved reading your to do list…until I came to the pesky paying bills one, that’s my least favourite part of the day 🙂
And I loved the taste the first elderberry 🙂
Today. I’m doing much but catching up with my blog reading, I got behind.
I have to write up my own post.
Dinners cooked already, leftovers from the party yesterday.
I’d be really happy if everyone who owes me money will pay their invoices!. I guess it comes down to the whole paying bills thing….its not a favourite of anybody’s …

Joanne (eats well with others) - I love the morning light also. It always makes me feel so good about starting my day!

thefisherlady - I have also been undecorating the Christmas trees and garnishing them outside with strings of treats for the birds and squirrels… a highlight each year of beauty…

Hotly Spiced - I’m going to have to tackle the washing basket. Since coming home from our holiday I’ve been drowning in washing and it’s all piling up in the back room. It’s nearly reaching the ceiling! I have at least, removed the Christmas tree! xx

Turkey's For Life - I can’t function in the mornings until I’ve finished a full pot of tea to myself! 🙂 Sets me up for the day and I can’t even contemplate a coffee until tea has been had. 🙂

Maureen - I just want to stay dry ! Have you had a lot of rain today?

Suzanne Walcher - I had mountains of laundry to do,
and now it’s done and I have a cuppa
with my hubby and some TV time
ahead of us, which is perfect for a
cold January night in the Northern
Hemisphere : ) Love that I get a peek
at life on the other side of the world
via my blog friends. Soak up your
summer for us!!!

xo Suzanne

mlleparadis - elderberry? you can grow that in that semi-tropical part of oz? hmmm i would like to try that in l.a. if i could find any…….

and you had me at banana muffins. hope it was a good as your plan!


Rachel Friesen - Reading your to-do list reminded me why I’d actually got out my laptop: to buy symphony tickets while their seat sale’s still on. My husband and I are hoping to see Rachmaninov’s 3rd piano concerto (the one from “Shine”, preferably minus the on-stage nervous breakdown). Next on my to-do list is to take the kids out for a walk through the neighbourhood to enjoy this afternoon’s glorious chinook. The light in your kitchen is beautiful. Enjoy your garden!

Liz Posmyk - Sounds like a wonderful day that you have planned, Krista. I was hoping to do lots of things, including going for a bike ride by the duck ponds. I haven’t been so well lately (again, sigh!) and have a nasty rash on my face too, which hurts, so I might have to just sit and read. Sound like a plan?

Jackie Smith - Ironing. Sadly, it has been on my ‘to do’ list for days now. . . 😉

Gourmet Getaways - Another lovely day for you, Krista! We love the early sun rays, too. But yours from the farm is such a warm and promising experience 🙂

Julie & Alesah
Gourmet Getaways xx

Tandy Sinclair - Hope you remembered to hang up the laundry! Today I am transferring a client’s website to WordPress 🙂

Sherry Kay Dyck - sounds and looks lovely…especially those muffins…yum! It is the end of my day here and I am rewarding myself with some social media time while hubby works, Kathryn babysits and Chloe showers. I unintentionally ended up cleaning out a standing pantry cupboard today…I say unintentionally because it was NOT on my to-do list, but I was taking out the pilled up recycling, which led to trying to reorganize a little in the back porch, which led to finally moving a box of oatmeal packets to the cupboard pantry which led to having to shuffle things around in there which made me realize just how disgustingly gross everything had gotten…and yada yada yada I gave in, pulled everything off all 4 shelves, gave it a good scrubbing and put everything back in a place that makes more sense. What a feeling of accomplishment! I know I’ve done a good thing when my 13 year old Chloe is more excited than I am at just how clean and tidy something is! Yay for a non-to-do-list accomplishment!! 🙂

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