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Photo Essay: Anzio, Italy

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Bob Hanson - I first went to Anzio to visit the Beachhead Cemetery where my father is buried. Since then I have been back many times and love the town.

Nomadic Samuel - I’m really pleased to have discovered your blog today.  I’m already quite a big fan of your photography.

Krista - I’m so glad you’re back, Faith! I wondered where you’d disappeared to. 🙂 SO glad it was somewhere wonderful. 🙂 (Thank you for subscribing too. That means a great deal to me. :-))

Krista - Thank you, Margo. I found it very moving. Reading the captions on the headstones gutted me.

Krista - I used to do that when I was little too, Lisa!! I found it so romantic and wonderful until we scared ourselves silly. 🙂 I’m so honored to be your traveling muse!!! 🙂

Krista - I love them too, Rosa. 🙂 They bring out details I otherwise overlook.

Krista - Thank you, Val! 🙂

Faith - Hey Krista!  I just got back from vacation and am catching up on my blog reading — I’ve really missed reading your lovely posts!  Your photos are stunning and so moving.

Also, I got your second newsletter edition today.  I’m so glad I subscribed, you are so inspirational.  XO

Margo Millure - Beautiful, Krista… cemeteries, especially war ones, are always so moving. Your  photos capture this one so well!

bellini - A nice way to start the day!

Rosa May - Lovely clicks! I love black and white photos. Cemeteries are awesome photography subjects…



Lisa - So somber but so hauntingly beautiful.  The photos put me right there with you. We used to visit old cemetaries as kids, but we’d end up running scared after someone inevitable made some kind of noise or made something move.  Sad, considering cemetaries are places where you honor the deceased and pay tribute..plus imagine what their lives were like. 

I love checking back and seeing where you are next.  You’re my traveling muse.  Hopefully one day I can visit some of these amazing places you’ve been. 😉

Krista - I do too, Deanna. 🙂 I love imagining the personalities and lives the stones represent. This cemetery made me sadder than most. Perhaps because the boys were so very young. But I was touched that the Italians paid them such reverence.

Deanna - I love visiting old cemeteries. Considering I held my breath for whenever I would go past one for years, its kind of weird. Looks like a fabulous trip!

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