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Goats, Iced Chocolate and An Australian Sheep Station

Yesterday dawned clear as a bell and hotter than blazes as Bear and I hopped in the ute and headed off into the wilds of of Queensland bush country just outside our home turf of the Darling Downs.

We headed to a sprawling sheep station run by Alan, a grazier we’d met a week or so ago at the Warwick Pig and Calf Sale . In addition to sheep, he also has a large herd of goats and we paid a visit to see if there were any good females and babies we could add to our goat family.

We knew we were getting close when the thick bush changed into rolling hills dotted with sheep and goats happily grazing or snoozing in the shade of the gum trees.  

As we pulled into the yard near the house, I could hardly believe my eyes: a log house?! In Australia?!! I’m used to seeing such dwellings in the pine forests of Northern Canada, but it was the last thing I expected to see on an Australian sheep station.

Alan’s daughter welcomed us and took us across the flagstone entry and into the cool, shady interior. Walking barefoot over the smooth wood floors and into the expansive kitchen with huge wood stove made me want to move right in. And when I swiveled around in my seat and saw the wide, wrap-around porch? Well, I was smitten. 🙂

Alan arrived a few minutes later, taking a break from sheep-shearing to show us around.

I loved the water tower encased in clapboards and bordered by huge flowering bushes.


AND I loved the white-painted windows that pushed open to catch the breeze.

All too soon we had to leave my new dream house and head out to the pens to choose our newest goat family members.

Alan and Bear picked out six goats – four sturdy mamas and two sprightly babies. I learned what to check for when choosing a good goat, and what are minor issues easily solved. I learned what medicine to use and how to apply it and am now the nurse for any basic maladies our goats may get. It feels good to learn these things and not be intimidated anymore. 🙂

We got our girls and younguns loaded, then stood around awhile shooting the breeze before we shook hands and headed home.

No trip to a sheep station is complete without a stop at a real Australian roadhouse for a cuppa. We stopped at the Gore Roadhouse and indulged in iced coffees, iced chocolates, and chips with gravy. Mmm, everything tasted so good eaten on the shady porch out of the blistering afternoon sunshine.


After the last bit of ice cream was slurped up we hollered our thanks through the screen door and headed home with our goats.

It was a good day.

What is your favorite treat after a long day of outdoor labor?

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David Cummings - Krista, your blog is so interesting and well done! I love it!

Jeanne @ CookSister! - aaahm that looks so South African!!  I can almost smell the heat…  Love your iced coffee – that would me by choice too after a long hot day!!  🙂

Ulysses S. Rant - LOL, K…the skull in the first pic was a nice touch. It looks like you’re enjoying great weather down there!

Joanne - I LOVE that house! It’s so quaint and rustic…like you, I’d never want to leave.  SO cool that you’re going to own goats! And ice cream at the end of a hot day (or…anyday) sounds awesome to me.

hila - gosh, this is the life 🙂 you’re sounding so happy, and who could blame you really.

happy new year, I hope this year will be filled with many such moments.

Deanna - Sounds like a fabulous day. My treat after a long day has always, and will always, be pizza.

Krista - I’m excited too, Susan!! The big mamas will be for breeding purposes mostly, but I hope to milk some for cheese now and then. 🙂 The babies are for “spit duty” – roasted for dinner at medieval enactment functions. 🙂 Winter sounds so cozy and lovely at your farm. 🙂 We don’t get snow here so I’m not sure what winter is like in these parts. I’m looking forward to a slower pace though. Spring and summer is hard work! 🙂 Yes, the log cabin cheered me tremendously and I did feel right at home. 🙂 It’s so crazy to have a tan in January!! But I’m not complaining. 🙂

Krista - Happy New Year to you, dear El! 🙂 It was RIPPING HOT and I arrived home with a nice sunburn. 🙂 Such a strange thing to experience in January!!

Krista - It was a grand day out, dear Val. 🙂 I had such fun exploring and learning and seeing what a real sheep station is like. Oh, grilled cheese sandwiches are such perfect after work food. 🙂

thefisherlady - What a wonderful trip with you… I am so excited for your goat purchases… are they the boars for meat or will they be for dairy?
The hard work I have to do outside is too easy to be called work… winter is restive on the farm… even snow removal is looked forward to, just for a bit of adrenaline exercise. Your cuppa and fries looked inviting and I loved the log home… feels like home in a foreign land!
The snow is melting off the rooves, the temps around +8 C and warming, the sun is glowing and I just had a fun time out with the beastlies and my milk bucket.
you have a gorgeous tan, lucky girl!

El - Thanks for sharing these photos. It looks hot as hell there! Glad you had fun. Happy New Year!

bellini - Sounds like it was definitely a good day adding to your growing family Krista. I still hanker for grilled cheese sandwiches after a long day of work.

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