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Finding Hope in the Ridiculous

Do you ever feel like life is just a bit much? That your to-do list is impossible and the trials confounding your efforts have crossed the line into ridiculousness?

I admit that’s exactly how I felt on Friday gazing at stacks and stacks of boxes and wondering how on earth my crippled self was going to get them all sorted and organized in time for a garage sale in the morning. Then the other items on my to-do list started hollering for attention and pretty soon I was utterly and completely overwhelmed.

Not. Good. 🙂

I decided it was high time for a little break to get myself on track again, so I got on the snazzy medical scooter a dear friend loaned me and rolled myself outside for some fresh air. I found a comfy perch on a lawn chair, propped up my foot and tipped my head back for a little rest.

I just sat there, breathing, relaxing, letting all the stress and anxiety drift away as I listened to the wind rustling in the trees and setting the chimes dancing.

When at last I opened my eyes, this is what I saw.

It was so beautiful, almost magical somehow, like a special gift of wonder to cheer my heart. I wanted so much to share it with you so I grabbed my phone and took a little video. 🙂


I know it’s nothing exciting, there are no pyramids or Eiffel Towers to be seen, but nonetheless, I hope it delights you. I watched it again this morning and it made me smile, reminding me that even on dark, stormy days when everything seems to be going wrong, there is still beauty and light to be found. There is always hope.

That little moment calmed me down and cheered me up and soon I was back on the job. My dear friends Marie, Nicole, Darren, Cameron, Robin, and Jenny came with beaming smiles, hugs and amazing enthusiasm to “get this done!!” And we did!! I got propped up in a rocking chair and they brought me box after box to sort and organize then dashed off to arrange and price. It was after dark by the time we finished, but we finished!! (Thank you SO much, dearest folks!!)

The next morning Marie and I were both sick, but we got up and Nicole cheered us on and we made it! Even before we opened treasure-hunters were scavenging for deals. The emotional difficulty of letting go of  most of my belongings disappeared as I saw people SO excited to buy my treasures. Little girls beamed as they wrapped my scarves around their necks and clutched ropes of shiny necklaces. Other folks couldn’t stop smiling as they balanced stacks of my beloved books in their arms or found a cd they absolutely loved. It made me happy. 🙂

It was quite a day. 9-year-old Adrienne fortified us with toasted bagels and string cheese and Dylan made a donut run to keep us going and somehow we made it through. The sale was a rousing success and I made enough money to ship my remaining belongings to Australia. That makes me happy too. 🙂

Today is a new day. I’m all caught up on sleep, down to taking pain pills only a couple of times a day (yay!), and am one step closer to getting everything done for my big move.

What projects are you tackling this week?


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Kitchen Butterfly - Krista, you’re so brave. Thank god for great friends to help and well done!

thefisherlady - there is still beauty and light to be found. There is always hope….your words blessed me today!

Barbara - So glad you had a successful sale! And that it wasn’t as heart-wrenching as you expected. You have so much to look forward to.

Beautiful images today, Krista!

Faith - Wow, is that gorgeous, Krista!  I’m so happy that you witnessed it and were able to capture it on video…there is such delight to be found in nature’s beauty!

Rosa May - A beautiful sky!

May you soon feel better! Life is not always easy, but we are forced to deal with its bad as well as its good aspects…



Lael Hazan - Thank you for the beautiful video and the reminding to calm down!  We have inadvertently taken a one month hiatus from our blog as we traveled.  Somehow uploading from a smart phone just didn’t work.  It was a breadth of fresh experiences that I look forward to sharing.  Now… how do we keep that calmness as we enter our daily lives.  I’m glad you are feeling better and that the sale went well.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella - Isn’t it wonderful how a day or week can turn around with the right company? 😀

Keely - All the best for your big move. Sometimes I do feel a bit overwhelmed but it is nice to slow down and remind yourself of the beauty that surrounds you. Looking at your still makes me instantly relaxed! 

Krista - Oh that’s great, Andrea!! I hope so much we’ll be able to connect when we’re both over there. 🙂

Krista - I’m SO glad you have more free time to look forward to, Val. Especially now that we’re getting more summery weather. 🙂

Krista - Isn’t it fabulous, Paradis?! It made my day. 🙂 Yes, things are rather crazy right now, but my new home will be so worth it. 🙂

Andrea and John - Are you kidding? I love the sky – you never know what you’ll see when you look up. This week we transition to Europe. Good luck with your move =)   ~Andrea.

bellini - I have no real projects to tackle. One of my jobs comes to an end on Wednesday and I am looking forward to wirking fewer hours and enjoying the summer!!!!

mlleparadis - now that sky was amazing!   i’m looking forward to what you have to say about ALL OF THIS in a couple months time.  in no time flat, you’ll be looking back!  

Krista - From one bonkers girl to another, you are totally welcome, Corine! 🙂

Krista - That is SO fantastic, Duchess! I’m absolutely thrilled to pieces for you and can’t wait to see the finished product. 🙂

Krista - Storms ARE good for me, Chaya. 🙂 Somehow their wildness and intensity of color and behavior make me feel that my upheavals aren’t so bad. 🙂 I’m glad you like the still photo. 🙂

Krista - Thank you, dear Stevie. I’m afraid I get a bit cranky too. But a good cry, a good sleep, and getting outside do wonders for helping me get a good attitude again. 🙂

Corine @ hidden in france - Oh wow, this is the sky I need right about now, just before I go totally BONKERS!  Thank you for posting.

Duchess - As a birthday gift, hubs is re-doing my blog all unprofessional like. Lol. Can’t wait! We actually bought a theme and the whole nine. He’s re-designing the logo and everything. 

Stevie - Hope you’re feeling better.  I get that overwhelmed feeling sometimes too.  You sound like you handled it well.  I get a bit cranky. 

Chaya - You make life beautiful, no matter the situation.  I was completely struck by the still photo more than the video.  Perhaps, because it is there forever, not able to change.  I am not sure it would relax me, though.  I am glad it worked for you.

Are storms good for you?  That is a photo I would frame, it is so striking.

Krista - Me too, dear Summer!! Oh wow – your job is MUCH bigger than mine! I thought down-sizing for one person was hard – you’ve got FIVE people!!! You are right though, it’s quite liberating and freeing to get rid of things and have that extra money for true memory-making adventures. 🙂

Summer - So wish I could’ve been there, too! I’m currently re-re-arranging all our things, after our trip to America. It’s always a challenge trying to fit all 5 of us in this two-bedroom apartment. I’ve found that I really like living simply, though, and getting down to the basics of living. It also leaves more $ to save for adventurous trips or special treats. 🙂 Glad you had help and that your sale went well!~

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