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Finding Strength in Weakness

“Resolve in advance that no matter what happens,
you will remain calm and cool.
You will not become upset or angry.
You will take a deep breath and focus on the solution rather than the problem.”
Brian Tracy

“Perhaps I am stronger than I think.” Thomas Merton

Hi luvs 🙂

The above quotes have helped me so much this week as I faced one long series of unfortunate events while in much pain from injured back and severely sprained ankle. I printed out and posted the first one so it’s the first thing I see when I get up in the morning and the last when I go to bed at night. It’s so good to take a deep breath, accept my limitations and just do one thing at a time.

Thankfully things are looking up and the good bits are now forming a series of their own. 🙂

Like finding a forgotten bag of ice packs in the freezer so I can ice my badly injured back, knee, ankle and foot all at the same time instead of the round robin mishmash I’ve been doing all week. Bliss!

Or getting texts from friends saying they are coming tonight AND tomorrow night to help me sort all my belongings for a garage sale on Saturday. I could weep from relief and gratitude.

And, joy of joys, hearing from the garage that the troubles with my busted car are completely under warranty. HOORAY! 🙂

So today I’m being good and resting on the couch, going to the chiropractor, and working through my to-do list a bit at a time.

And I’m writing an Already Done List to cheer myself on. 🙂

How are YOU today?


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Bluegreen Kirk - Love both the quotes and the photos.  Knowing and exploring ones weaknesses does only make you stronger when you do not fear them but embrace them.

bellini - Krista, I am so glad you see the positive in every situaltion. It is what makes us stronger.

Krista - You’re a luv, sweetlife! Thank you so much 🙂

Krista - Thank you, dear Dewi. 🙂

Sweetlifebake - Sorry about your recent injuries. Thank you for sharing the lovely quotes , powerful words. Friends are the best! take care    

Dewi - I am speechless, this is so beautiful Crysta!

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