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Australia: How to Really Enjoy a Drive Home

It was a gloriously hot and sunshiny afternoon in Australia as my friend and I drove home. We had spent the day visiting friends on their remote property dotted with gum trees  the occasional wallaby hopping by. We’d had a grand time taking tractor rides and gabbing for hours on the back porch while sipping cold drinks.

Usually after a long day of visiting and trekking all I want to do is get home so I can crash. But not this day. We were in Australia bush country at sunset and the tiny towns and farms were so beautiful and interesting that I wanted to stop at every one and take a gander.

Thankfully my friend was in a similar frame of mind so we took a meandering route home, stopping where we liked.

We saw picture perfect country homes with white picket fences and perused a barn full of rustic handmade wooden furniture glossy and glowing in the setting sun.

One of my favorite finds was this lovely old church in Leyburn, Queensland.

Australia Church

Church of England, St Augustine's, Leyburn, Queensland, Australia

Anglican services had been held in Leyburn since the 1840’s under the leadership of one Reverend Benjamin Glennie known as the Apostle of the Downs. The congregation gathered in public houses or the courthouse until 1870 when donations for a church arrived from students of the college of St Augustine in England. Land was purchased in for a whopping £4, and the church was built in 1871.

It’s a beautiful little church with timbered walls and bell-cote and a roof of hand-split hardwood shingles. It was designed by architect Richard George Suter (1827-1894) who also designed at least ten other churches in the area.

Suter caused quite a theological ruckus by deviating from traditional stone with  this wood design. Apparently timber was viewed as an unsuitable material to be used in the construction of the houses of God. He got away with it, however, and it is now one of the only surviving examples of timbered, shingle-roofed buildings.

Australia Church of England

Church of England, St Augustine's, Leyburn, Queensland, Australia

If you make it to Leyburn one day and have a hankering to wander the church grounds, look for a memorial to one Dan Bray, a gold miner who died in 1901. It is a tribute to all the gold miners of Leyburn’s’ early history who lie in unmarked graves in unknown places.

I’m so glad we decided to stop that day. So glad to learn about men like Mr. Suter who do “wild” things like use timber instead of stone so we have charming buildings like St. Augustine’s to make us pull over in the middle of nowhere for an amble and a think.

Have you ever stopped out of the blue and found something that delighted you?

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Krista - It sure is, Anna! 🙂 It was a PERFECT Qld day. 🙂 Hopefully I’ll be there in a few months and then you can come stay with me when you’re craving sunshine. 🙂

Krista - I would love to hear about your Aussie road trips one day, Andi! 🙂

Anna Johnston - Oh yes lots of time, its so good to have time to just enjoy isn’t it.  Looks like it was a picture perfect sunny Qld day that day too.  Longing for the sun down sth, a move to Qld would fit in nicely right about now (I think I’m going grey sky batty) 🙂  Have an awesome week Krista 🙂

Andi Perullo - Too many times to count!  That’s why I love road trips so much, because you have the ability to sop.

Krista - I’m so glad, Tuula! I love little, unexpected adventures like this. 🙂

Tuula - Lovely shots Krista, and really enjoyed learning about the history of the church – what a wonderful trip you had!

Krista - Oh I hope you get to soon, Mia!! 🙂 Happy weekend to you too, luv 🙂

Krista - I can’t wait to hear all about the ones you’ve taken, Barbara! You must have so many good ideas for great road trips. 🙂

Krista - Me too, Lorraine! It’s such a rarity to have those extra moments and I treasure them too. 🙂

Mia - U make me wanna go on a drive right away!
So beautiful and u have stunning pics to go along always !
Happiest weekend babe!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella - I love it when you we have the time to stop and take a look at anything that catches our eye. Not always possible but we do it if we have time! 😀

www.winosandfoodies.com - Oh this is lovely. I love taking road trips thru rural Australia.

Krista - So glad you’re back, dear Linda! I’ve missed you! 🙂 I AM doing much, much better, thank you. 🙂

Krista - It sure is, Joumana! There’s so many wonders to see and I’ve only covered a tiny portion of it. Can’t wait to live there and explore to my hearts content. 🙂

tasteofbeirut - Australia sounds like such a vast continent with endless surprises and enchanting discoveries; love this charming church.

Marie - I want to go to Australia!

LindyLouMac in Italy - Catching up on the posts I missed while  I was away, apart from computer problems it sounds as though you are feeling a little brighter generally. 🙂

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