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Window Seats, Back Alleys and The End of the World

Hello dear ones! We’ve had two whole days of glorious sunshine in Washington after record-breaking rains. Needless to say we’re just a wee bit ecstatic over here.

The sidewalks are filled with Moms and Dads pushing strollers, elderly couples holding hands, and kids laughing and jostling one another.

The squirrels in my yard are practically giddy! I’ve never seen them so animated, chasing each other up tree trunks, skidding through the pine needles, chattering a mile a minute.

I’ve spent many a happy moment sipping blueberry juice, nibbling spiced cookies shaped like windmills (have I mentioned I live in a Dutch town?), and soaking up sunshine.

On my breaks at work I stroll through nearby neighborhoods, smiling and nodding at folks who wonder why a sundress-clad girl is wandering through their back alley. For the record, neighborhoods are MUCH more interesting when viewed from a back alley. Here you get to see real life: cute old men planting their gardens, kids on their tummies coloring on the pavement, and white-haired ladies gossiping animatedly in the church parking lot.

The yard below is one of my favorites. It’s wilder and more free-spirited than most places, with vines twisting through the white-picket fence and a bright red door that makes me happy.

I made myself a window seat yesterday, a rather splendid perch from which I can look out at my sunshiny, green world and be at rest. Even when I’m not sitting in it I like to see it there waiting for me.

What are you up to this weekend? I’ve been invited to an End of the World Party and that makes me smile. What better way to face prophesied doomsday than an evening with dear friends eating scrumptious food, watching great movies, and having all sorts of good talks?

Wherever you are and whatever you’re up to, I wish you good sleeps and sunny days.



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Sweetlifebake - love the white picket fence. I have always wanted a windo seat..have fun at your party.  

Anna Johnston -  Owwhhh, is it the end of the world?  I missed this prophesy – too busy moving house!  I’ll have to wait for the next doomsday prophesy, no time for world endings this week 🙂

LindyLouMac in Italy -  Well the end of the world forgot us and I am back commenting after my absence which I think you knew of thanks to FB. So many beautiful photos you posted while I was away.

Alina - Thank goodness the world didn’t come to an end  and I can  still admire your pretty pictures, I love those tulips and those flowering backyards.Thank you, you made my day.

Andrea and John - Ah, the doomsday – we were happy to wake up late today and find the world still turning =) That yard is gorgeous!

Mary@One Perfect Bite - I loved your photos and perspective today. I hope you have a great time at the party. Blessings…Mary

Faith - Yay, I’m happy you’ve been getting to enjoy sunshine!  We’ve had rain for about a week straight…I won’t complain though, it makes everything looks so beautifully green!  Love that relaxing window seat…I could curl up there with a cup of tea all day.  🙂 

Anonymous - I want to be Dutch. For the tulips. And the cocoa. I wish I had thought of an end-of-the-world party – what fun!

Krista -  Thank you, Duchess. 🙂 I love finding and making pretty spots. 🙂

Duchess -  So pretty. 

Krista -  It sure is, Margo!! And I have heaps of both to do this weekend. 🙂 xo

Krista -  Isn’t it lovely, Lisa? It’s what sold me when I looked at this apartment. 🙂

Krista -  I’m SO glad you got some rain today, Hila! Wishing you much concentration, focus and creativity as you write, write, write! 🙂

Anonymous -  ooh, nice window seat. Great place for writing and dreaming 🙂

Lisa @ Tarte du Jour -  What a charming yard that house has… lovely photograph!  Your neighborhood looks so special!

Hila - how ironic that a prophesied doomsday is occurring when I have a huge deadline … hmm 😉

I’ll be writing all weekend long for said deadline, alas. Also, we’ve been having opposite weather here in Western Australia: a dry spell of sunny rainless autumn days and finally today, some rain. It’s much needed rain in our part of the world.

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