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Sunshine Makes Everything Better

Hi dear ones!

I was overjoyed to drive home from work this evening in full blown glorious sunshine!! I got home and pulled open my blinds, letting every spare bit of that sun into my house.  Oh, it was so lovely! I closed my eyes and smiled in sheer bliss at the warmth and cheer of it.

I’m not doing so well these days. The Ecoli is knocking the stuffings out of me and I just can’t seem to get better. I do have a cry now and then, it hurts so bad, but I’m plugging along and finding things to make me smile.

  • Like the blood orange tart I made that somehow turned garishly, marvelously purple.
  • Randomly winning 250 packages of crackers. (Makes me laugh when I think of it. Most people win trips or shopping sprees. I win an obscene amount of crackers. :-))
  • Crammed on the couch with my friends as we each told our own story about our very favorite sunset.
  • Dressing like Pippi Longstocking because it’s so darn cheerful.

Tonight though, I’m most happy about sunshine, and how it makes everything better.

It made my mango juice look like a golden elixir.

Turned my pillow cover into a dazzling thing fit for a princess.

And made my book extra-specially interesting to read.

Most of all though, it made me happy as it flooded my room with light and warmth. I tucked my aching self in bed and had the best rest I’ve had in ages.

What made you smile today?

PS – I recently interviewed my grandparents about their adventures immigrating from Denmark to Canada by boat in the 1950’s. I wrote an article and it is now published at The Travel Belles. Click Here to read their story.

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Duchess - Oh honey! If I could, I’d whisk away the pain with some cream and sugar. Im glad your fining small things to make it all better.

Nicole - Love that last pic, Krista! 🙂 It is impressive how sunshine can instantly lift the spirits. I always notice it when it comes out after being gone for a while. Hope you start to feel better soon.

Mary - We had sun this morning and that made me smile. I love that photo of you. You are a beautiful young woman. Have a great evening. Blessings…Mary

RamblingTart - Isn’t it pretty, El? My brother brought it back for me from India. 🙂

RamblingTart - Oh, that sounds gorgeous, Val. It would’ve made me smile too. 🙂

RamblingTart - I’m glad the crackers made you laugh too, Tuula! My eyes about bugged out of my head when I saw them all! 🙂

RamblingTart - Thank you, dear Joanne! I’m eating yogurt like a mad thing. 🙂 Plain with papaya and oranges. 🙂

RamblingTart - I love those make-you-smile things, Vanessa. 🙂 I’m so glad to have met you!!

RamblingTart - Isn’t it wonderful, Rebecca?! Thank you, I hope so too. 🙂

RamblingTart - Aw, that sounds lovely, Brenna! I can’t wait to do the same thing tonight. 🙂

El - Lovely pillow. Hope you’re well soon!

bellini - The sun is shining here today as well. When driving to work I passed by a house whose boulevard was blooming with crocus…that made me smile:D

Tuula - Yay Krista, glad you’ve got some sunshine to brighten your day 🙂 And you’ve made my day brighter as well…will be laughing for a good while about your cracker winnings, ha ha ha, too funny!

Joanne - Oh no! I hope you feel better soon my love! Eat some yogurt. Maybe the good bacteria will help you fight the bad ones!

Vanessa@Luxuria - Lovely post on how the simple things in life can make us happy.
What made me smile today? The smell of orange blossom coming through my windows, sunshine (like you) and unconditional love.

Rebecca - Oh glorious sunshine! Hope you feel better soon 🙁

Brenna [fabuleuxdestin] - You’re so cute! Makes me want to snuggle up with a good book as well.

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