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Aussie Sunset and Kangaroo Taco Salad

There is something so peaceful about sunset on my friends farm in Australia, especially after days and days of torrential rains and flooding. It was good to see the ground become firm again after feeling like you were walking on a sponge, good to see the thick, black clouds drift away and clear blue sky take over, good to see the animals perk up, their rain-washed coats glistening in the last rays of the sun.

I liked how happy the wildflowers looked, stretching up for some sunshine.

I loved walking about just before the sun slipped down behind the hills, strolling around the gum trees glowing in the amber light, casting long, cool shadows along the lush green grass.

It was so very good to feel the sun on my face again.

That night I decided to introduce taco salad to the Aussie table and went to town to pick up hamburger and all the fixings. Alas, with the main food distribution center in Brisbane under water, farmland turned into lakes, and disintegrated roads keeping the foods trucks from getting through, many of the grocery store shelves were almost empty. I was able to get a few veggies but there was no hamburger left. Our only option was kangaroo burger (kangaroo mince to my Aussie friends). I was thrilled! ๐Ÿ™‚

High in protein and very low in fat – usually below 2% – kangaroo is one of the healthiest meats around. Studies show that it can help lower cholesterol, improve blood flow, reduce the blood’s tendency to clot, and thereby reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

The kangaroo mince was very lean but had a consistency more similar to sausage than ground beef. I placed it in the skillet and started frying and soon a scent not unlike deer or moose wafted through the house. I added taco seasoning and kidney beans and the somewhat gamey smell virtually disappeared. Piled atop lettuces, sugar snap peas, tomato, avocado, and topped with extra sharp cheddar cheese, the taco kangaroo mince was absolutely delicious. I am officially a fan. ๐Ÿ™‚

For more information on where to buy kangaroo meat, click here.

What is the most unusual meat you’ve ever eaten?

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Annie - I loved kangaroo meat, so tasty and it makes it better knowing how lean and healthy it is!

Faith - I agree, after heavy rains, the sun is such a welcome change! Your salad looks glorious, Krista! I’ve never had kangaroo meat, but I have had rabbit and deer…I’m going to check out your link to see where to buy it!

Sean - Seems like kangaroo to Australians is like bison to Americans. Indigenous and delicious, leaner, more flavorful and healthier than beef, yet somehow not as popular. Every once in a while you come across emu here; seems like some wise entrepreneur convinced poultry farmers that emu was going to sweep the nation, which of course didn’t happen. But there are enough believers that it’s offered from time to time in restaurants. Ostrich and croc — not so much.

Anna Johnston - At the time I thought sashimi was pretty weird, but have to say some of the dried fish & meats in Asia are the weirdest things I’ve ever eaten. Being an Aussie, Kangaroo ‘roo’ meat isn’t that strange at all ๐Ÿ™‚ Nice to see Qld looking peaceful – those guys sure have had their time of it weather wise huh.

Daniel@Cocina Savant - This look incredibly tasty. I would love to try kangaroo but have never been afforded the opportunity. Great dish.

Sarah, Maison Cupcake - I had kangaroo in a restaurant once – on a platter with crocodile and ostrich believe it or not, I really liked it and yes it was very lean.

Fantastic scenery, really enjoying your pictures.

Joanne - I low how you went from sunrise to sunset in your posts. And it’s all so beautiful!

oh how I would LOVE to try kangaroo meat! I think the “weirdest” meat I’ve had was rabbit. So delicious also.

Chaya - Considering what we are hearing about the weather, it is a true pleasure to see your peaceful photos.

I am wondering it kangaroo is kosher. What could I sub for it?

Lisa @ Tarte du Jour - I’d say the most recent unusual thing that I ate was the deep fried gator from last weekend. Love this post!!

Katie@Cozydelicious - I have never had kangaroo! But I did try alligator once – very chewy!

Mary - Your photos are amazing. They look a bit like Africa. Your salad is also wonderful. I hope you have a great weekend. Blessings…Mary

Barbara - I’ve had ostrich, but never even knew kangaroo meat was available. Hmmmm. Not certain how I feel about that. What’s it taste like?

mlleparadis - ok, chinese chicken feet! but that does not mean that i wouldn’t have some reservations about eating a cute little joey. or his mom!

what a wonderful adventure you’ve had krista. must be hard to be back in reality!

elra - Beautiful photos! The most bizzarre thing I’ve ever eaten probably ostrich. I don’t think I wan to eat it again though. You see, I am not that adventurous ๐Ÿ™‚

Kitchen Butterfly - Krista – globe trotter. I’m so inspired….Europe then Australia. I’d love to give kang a go. Glad you had fun – stay well and have a restful weekend

Duchess - Hmmm…. rattlesnake and gator?

Zorymar - The most unusual (to date) has been “Pisillo de Chiguire”, which I had in the plains of Venezuela.

Here’s a recipe (in Spanish): http://www.llanera.com/llanos/?l=2000

And here’s the chiguire or capybara: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capybara

Velva - You have raised taco salad to a new level. Very nice.
the most unusual meat that I have eaten is probably horse. I unknowingly ate it. It was very good. However, if I had known, I would of most likely had a different opinion (laugh).


Ayngelina - I would absolutely eat it. I recently had cuy (guinea pig) and it was also delicious.

bellini - In Alberta back in the 80’s they crossed bufalo with cattle and beefallo was born. But I have also had rattlesnake, alligator and emu:D I’ll rey anything once and sometimes will even enjoy it:D Your tacos with the kangaroo meat seems pretty authentic Aussie!!!

LindyLouMac - After your recommendation I would happily now try Kangaroo. I have been enjoying your Australia posts very much, as it is somewhere I really hope to have the opportunity to visit one day.

Zita - When I was a meat eater I ate kangaroo in England (in a WalkAbout Australian themed bar and pub chain) . And I also tried my friend’s dish, she ate crocodile. It was white and tastes like fish.

deeba - Gorgeous sunset, and you’re living it up down under. i wish I was as adventurous as you. Didn’t try kangaroo meat on both visits to Sydney…despite much cajoling! ;(

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Barbara - Next time you need to try ostrich.

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