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It’s Raining, It’s Pouring in Australia

Good morning, luvs! Much to my delight I awoke to SUNSHINE streaming in my window!! It is gone now and black storm clouds are billowing ever closer, but I had it for a few minutes and loved it. πŸ™‚

Things are rather dire in much of Queensland right now with massive flooding just down the road from me. I’m safe and sound at a friends ranch atop a plateau, well out of reach of the raging flood waters, but we have been stranded, unable to get to any towns because the roads and bridges are awash. We’re going to venture out today though, see if we can get to town.

I managed to get conjunctivitis in both eyes this week – eeesh – but thankfully we were able to get to the doctor and the chemist just before the roads flooded. The water was literally only a few inches from covering the bridge as we crossed over! I loved going to the doctor in Allora. I felt like I was in a western movie, wide streets lined with buildings that look straight out of the Old West. I fully expected the office to have a spittoon in the corner, but was disappointed. πŸ™‚

Yesterday my friend and I had enough of being housebound and decided to brave the elements for a trek through the ranch. We donned Wellies, overalls and raincoats, called for the dogs – Fletcher and Whombat – and headed out.

The ground is positively saturated, with several inches of standing water over most of it. Any depression in the ground is now a lake or pond and streams are gushing along through once dry fields.

The animals are happy though. Whombat and Fletcher frolicked wildly, utterly delighted to get themselves sopping wet. The horses are devouring the abundance of green grass, and birds are flitting about eating the mosquitoes and other bugs that are flourishing in this new boggy environment.

It was such a fun hike. I couldn’t stop smiling as we sloshed through endless water, taking pictures of Scotch Thistle and prickly pear, burnt out logs and wildflowers. Even in the rain this is beautiful country.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you more about Fiji, but today I thought you’d like to see a bit of the soggy world I’m in right now. πŸ™‚

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Sarah, Maison Cupcake - My goodness I forgot you were there at the moment. Good job you have wellies? I hope the worst of it is over now and that you’ve not been too badly affected?

Duchess - HA! you are too cute.

bellini - I just love the caterpillar shot Krista. Nothing says it better unless it is the photo of you almost knee deep in water:D

Karen - Can’t wait for more pictures from Fiji and Australia. Looks so beautiful! Stay safe and dry.

Corinne @ Degustinations - Stay dry and safe!! Love from Sydney xo

mlleparadis - So glad you’re safe and having a great time and making wonderufl pictures in spite of it all.

When you get back can I recommend True Grit and Deadwood for all those old-west charms. Until then, we are digging your spotty wellingtons, Whombat has been taken onto the “Names for Future Pets” list and just please stay safe!!!!!

Nicole - I guess you never know what you’ll find when you’re traveling! So sorry to hear about the conjunctivitis, but you still look great out there in the rain. By the way, you’re escaping snow and ice here in Washington πŸ™‚

Anna Johnston - Hey Lovely Krista
Great news that you are okay, safe and sound and enjoying as best you can your Summer adventure to the land down under. You have popped into my head a bunch of times since all the flooding started, so I am super glad you are well.
Please do take care! Hugs headed ur way! X

Andi - I’m so so so so happy you’re okay! You’ve been in my thoughts. You look adorable in your wellies. XOXO

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Andrea - I’ve been watching news of the flooding from New New Zealand. What a horror! Reminds me of the terrible bush fires we had in Victoria a couple of years of back in terms of unexpected tragedy. Take care and be safe!

Jeanne @ CookSister - Oh my – that’s a lot of water!! Glad to hear you are safe and not flooded out :o) Beautiful pics…

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