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Bravery and Toasted Anise Beef Sandwiches with Dijon, Roasted Peppers and Chevre

“The fact is, that to do anything in the world worth doing, we must not stand back shivering and thinking of the cold and danger, but jump in and scramble through as well as we can.” 
Robert Cushing
I love this quote so much. It gave me courage this week as I faced  a few things that had me quaking and shivering. I’m smiling now because I DID face them. 🙂 Yep, I was scared spitless, but I jumped in and scrambled, (oh how I scrambled!!) and I made it. Today I am stronger, wiser, braver, not because I handled things in a glamorous or debonair way, heavens no, but because I pushed through anyways, battered, shaken, but still standing.

I watched others around me scramble too, facing unfaithful friends, abusive partners, debilitating illness, and ghosts from the past, and they inspired me, made me so proud to know them and be comforted that we don’t have to scramble alone.
It’s been a week of extremes for me. Extreme pain as I go through this ghastly detox and extreme joy in reconnecting with beloved family members and old and new friends. As my body is restored I feel my spirit getting restored too, and I’m grateful beyond measure.

Today, after days on end of black skies, hail, torrential rains, snow, and gusting winds, the sun came out. Beautiful, glorious sunshine streaming through windows, dancing across the water and setting my meadow aglow with dandelions. I love it!!! 🙂

Yesterday in the grocery store I was staring at the Asian food shelves trying to decide what fish sauce to get when an arm reached in front of me and a lady chuckled an apology as she grabbed a massive jug of soy sauce. Apparently I have the sort of face that says, “Please tell me what you’re going to use that for” because she launched into an exuberant and detailed story of the very, VERY best way to prepare roast beef. 🙂 With sighs of delight and hand pressed dramatically to her bosom, she promised that her recipe would turn the lowliest cut of beef into transcendent deliciousness. Then with a wave and a laugh she was gone. 🙂

Naturally, I had to try it! I found a big slab of beef on sale and took it home, covered it with lavish amounts of soy sauce, beef broth and a sprinkling of anise seed, and set it to slow cook overnight. Next morning my house smelled of beef with a hint of licorice, and, oddly enough, it smelled GOOD! I let it cool in the marinade as instructed by the Unnamed Woman, then sliced it thinly and nipped a few pieces out for a taste. Fabulous! Tender as all get out and packed with flavor. Dear Unnamed Woman, I tip my hat to you!

That night I froze most of it, but used a few slices to make marvelous toasted sandwiches. I spread seeded bread with grainy mustard, layered on the beef and topped it with marinated roasted bell peppers and crumbled Chevre. I broiled the sandwiches for 3-5 minutes until the cheese was browned and melty and then dug in. Bliss. 🙂

I wish you a most beautiful weekend, dear ones. 🙂

Anise Soy Beef


large beef roast
1-2 bottles soy sauce
1 carton beef broth
1/2-1 tsp anise seed


  1. Place all ingredients in crock pot and slow cook 6-8 hours. 
  2. Let chill in marinade until cool. 
  3. Drain and slice thinly. 

Toasted Anise Beef Sandwiches with Dijon, Roasted Peppers and Chevre


1 loaf seeded whole grain bread, sliced thinly
Grainy Dijon mustard
Sliced Anise Soy Beef
1 jar marinated, roasted bell peppers
4 oz crumbled Chevre


  1. Spread each slice of bread with Dijon mustard.
  2. Top with slices of beef, roasted pepper strips, and sprinkle with Chevre. 
  3. Place under broiler for 3-5 minutes until Chevre is browned and sandwich warmed through. 
  4. Serve immediately.
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