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Home Sweet Home

Tonight is my first night in my new apartment! I’m surrounded by boxes and cockeyed furniture and piles of pillows and I’m happy as can be. 🙂

Mums and I organized my kitchen on my lunch break, then she and Pa surprised me by working like troopers this afternoon hauling load after load from one place to other while I was at work. I couldn’t believe it!! There’s still much to be done but wow, they eased my burden tremendously. Then my friend Jon brought his truck around to cart over the way-too-heavy-for-me things – yay! Mid-packing Pa brought us burgers and that gave us the burst of energy we needed to accomplish our top three goals for this evening:

  1. Assemble the bed.
  2. Find my clothes. 🙂
  3. Clear one counter.

Now everyone is gone and the house is quiet save for the ticking of the clock. I’m back at my old place, clearing out my fridge and freezer, collecting toiletries and writing to you dear folks. 🙂

I’m afraid I have no lovely recipes to share, but I do have some pictures from around my new place. 🙂 I hope they delight you. 🙂

The view from my bedroom. 
Another bedroom view. 
The wild and wonderful creek.
Another view of the creek. I can’t wait to sit on the bank on sunny afternoons writing, reading, just looking. 
Not to be outdone, my old apartment said farewell with a gorgeous sunset on my last night.
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