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A Bit o’ Rain

After days of glorious sunshine, our beautiful Washington rain is back, gentle and refreshing. Even though we still have frost on our windshields in the morning, it feels like spring is so close! On my morning break at work, I stroll through the neighborhoods of the little Dutch town where my office is located. Yesterday I meandered through back alleys and down side streets, delighting in budding branches, twittering birds and the first greens of spring. There are actually snowdrops blooming! And crocuses!

Tonight my dear friend Kat is coming over for dinner (yay!!) and because she loves veggies as much as I do, I’ve been plotting some marvy vegetarian dishes such as Kevin’s Balsamic Roasted Brussells Sprouts with Toasted Pine Nuts and Mum’s Green Bean Salad with Feta and Basil. I think Latte Gelatin will do nicely for dessert. 🙂

Today I want to share some of the beauties of rainy Washington. 🙂 There is an abundance of new growth in my heart these days, and these pictures delight my soul and remind me that after a hard winter the healing rains come and what seems dead is in fact green and full of life.

Nooksack River
Aren’t those ferns so vibrant?
I absolutely love this stark bit of moss against those burgundy leaves

The mist over the mountains is pure fairytale and I want to snuggle under a quilt with a fabulous British novel – John Buchan stories would do the trick nicely. 🙂

Thank you for bringing joy to my life, dear ones. 🙂

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