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Greek Rambles, Part II

Our exploration of the Old Fort in Corfu, Greece was exhilarating, beautiful, and roasting hot! As we clambered down steep wooden steps and entered the cobbled tunnel leading out we groaned with joy as great gusts of cold sea air whistled through the tunnel cooling us off deliciously.

 We left the gorgeous views of ocean and town and entered the labyrinthine streets of Old Town Corfu.

As we wandered, we found lovely shops filled with soft pashminas, gorgeous hand-crafted jewelry, and exquisite antiques. Soon we were famished and parched and ready for a break. We found the perfect respite in a bustling little cafe set under an arbor of vines. 

As we nibbled on fresh bread dipped in olive oil – is there any better way to start a meal? – we perused the menus handed to us by our jovial and hilarious elderly waiter.

I always love looking at the English version of menus while traveling. There’s always something lost in translation that amuses me. Impregnanted sardines? I think I’ll pass. 🙂

I settled on marinated, grilled chicken and pepper skewers on a bed of rice with heavenly crispy, fried potatoes and a big bottle of water.

The view from our table.

We thoroughly enjoyed our leisurely lunch where we were highly entertained by the colorful characters around us:

This guy talked on his cell phone in this posture the entire time – flexing his muscles for anyone who might be watching. We were watching. And laughing. 🙂

And these chaps who we are QUITE certain were mafia. 🙂 They sat facing the doorway for hours, smoking, drinking copious amounts of wine and an array of folks would wander in to confer with them in hushed or animated fashion. We had grand fun making up stories about them. 🙂

Then we were off for more exploring, eventually making our way over to the New Fort. But I’ll have to share that with you next week or I shall be late for work! 🙂

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