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Books and Art by ramblingtart

Welcome to the hub of things I’ve written, designed, and created. Here you will find links and descriptions to my books and my artwork. Simply click on the highlighted link to take you to the shop front where you can purchase them. I hope you will find something here to delight your heart or spur you on to create beautiful things of your own. xo

Art I’ve Made:

These wooden spoons, etched with burnt designs, are samples of the wood-burned art I love, create, and sell. Click here to view my shoppe.

Books I’ve Written:

herb & spice: a little book of medieval remedies” is a collection of over 50 remedies inspired by medieval recipes and traditions. From Quail Egg Bandages to Fenugreek Gel Fever Reducers and fun historical tidbits, this book is chock full of practical recipes and fascinating ideas from the past.

portals” is a black and white photography book featuring beautifully weathered doors I’ve loved from across Europe.

italia” is a black and white photography book filled with images that capture the Italy I love with its warmth, ingenuity, and beauty.

Freestone: A Mostly True History” is a book that captures the incredible fortitude, courage, and foibles of the men, women, and children who built the village of Freestone, Queensland, Australia. Established in 1862 by English, German, Swiss, Scandinavian, and Irish immigrants, Freestone was built out of dense bush country and grew to become a prosperous village known for its musicians and larrikins, farmers and dancers. It weathered tragedy and disaster, two World Wars and such droughts, fires, plagues, and epidemics that would test the mettle of even the most stalwart settler. Through it all, Freestone residents survived, adjusting to each new change in economy, weather, and relationships, finding ways to thrive as a community. This is their story.


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