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10 Tips for Interior Decorating

Re-decorating the interior of your house can be a daunting task as the pursuit of a new and fresher look along with more modern and efficient appliances can mean a lot of hard work as well as high costs. Fortunately, however, there are plenty of great ways to give your household a fresh look without emptying your bank account. If you’re thinking of doing some interior decorating and are looking for some inspiring tips, here are 10 things that will help freshen-up your home’s look.

1. Repaint Your Wooden Furniture

Old wooden furniture can sometimes grow in character with age and other times can lose its luster. If you feel your wooden chairs or kitchen cabinets might fall into the latter category, then consider giving them a fresh look with a coat of paint.

2. Remove Cabinet Doors

To give your kitchen a more rustic look, consider removing the doors from your cabinets and cupboards to expose your cookware and dishes.

3. Consider Hanging Pots and Pans

The kitchen is a place of work, and exposing the tools you use in this place provides it with a unique and lively feeling. An overhead rack, or a wall rack will allow you to hang your pots and pans and keep them readily at hand.

4. Display a Collection on Your Dining Table

When not in use your dining table is the perfect place to display some of your diner possessions, whether pottery, pictures, or plants.

5. Set an Antique in the Bathroom

In order to add a little more personality to a room that can sometimes be overly plain, consider placing an antique in your bathroom. It can be anything from a towel rack, to a mirror or table.

6. Liven-Up Hallways with Runners

There is nothing duller than an empty hallway, but a colourful Turkish runner can easily bring some life and a sense of plush luxury to these cold and hard spaces.

7. Decorate with Flowers by Occasion

photo by Ronald Saunders

photo by Ronald Saunders

Nothing provides a home with a fresher sense of warmth than the colour and smell of fresh flowers. Make your way to your local florist to choose something in-season that will best suit your rooms.

8. Purchase Patterned Pillows

Skokloster Castle Jens Mohr CC BY SA

Skokloster Castle Jens Mohr CC BY SA

Pillows are a great way to add some comfort to a room, and patterned ones not only help to soften hard surfaces, but they can also soften the texture a room in need of some extra colour.

9. Hang Artwork

This doesn’t have to mean purchasing an expensive painting, there are plenty of great ways to create a sense of art within a room, such as hanging a number of plates on kitchen walls—just be sure to hang them at the correct height.

10. Keep things Simple

The most important thing when decorating is to keep things simple; you don’t want to create elaborate themes that turn your house into a decorative eyesore. Some pieces will play a leading role in your room, and others are made to settle in the background.

Remember, just because re-decorating can be an expensive venture, doesn’t mean it has to be.

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