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A Bit of Magic

“Dawn is the time when nothing breathes,
the hour of silence.
Everything is transfixed, only the light moves.”
Leonora Carrington

I never tire of watching as weeds, spider webs, and brown stalks of grass are transformed into spun glass and shimmering gold by the luminous light of the rising sun.

I love following the light as it edges higher, slipping over the walls of my veggie patch and onto the flowery star bursts of the fennel blossoms.

The asparagus fronds are rendered ethereal as the sunlight catches the mist droplets clinging to each feathery branch, transforming them into shimmering diamonds.

All too soon the sun will rise, mist disappear, and the farm will return to its treasured rustic self.

But for now we will bask in magic.

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bellini - Sunrise is golden. A few stolen moments before the day begins.

katyabroad - Just beautiful! I needed this today after waking up to a horrible election result! You’ve reminded me just to breathe and that the world is still a beautiful place 🙂

Krista - It sure is, Val. 🙂 Such a good, grounding way to start a new day.

Krista - Horrible election results are so disheartening, @katyabroad:disqus XO I’m so glad that you lifted your head and saw beauty above all the awfulness. XOXO Biggest of hugs to you, dear friend!

Cathy - Lovely post Krista – beautiful pictures and lovely words too 🙂 A magical post indeed 🙂

Linda Dresselhaus - Beautiful…it does look like magic…a fairyland…

mlleparadis - oh really soooooo gorgeous. you hit this one out of the park. thanks for sharing these with us. made my day!

Mary R - Thanks for letting us bask in the magic sun! The photos are gorgeous! Love the golden light and the detail you captured!

Maureen - Those photos are definitely magic!

LindyLouMac - These photos speak a thousand words, so beautiful and magical.

Nancy - Wow Krista – beautiful photos x

Corinne Vail - Beautiful words accompanying your beautiful photos!

Hotly Spiced - Beautiful words and the light you have captured is truly gorgeous xx

Tandy Sinclair - I love these pics! I am a moon rise type of girl – not that I wake up that often to watch it 🙂

Turkey's For Life - And it does look like magic, too. Just beautiful. Mornings in Fethiye see a perfectly still sea – not a ripple. And then the surf gets up an the waves seem to come from nowhere – I love it when we wake up early enough to see the sea so flat. 🙂

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Breanne @ This Vintage Moment - Just beautiful. OX

Anna Johnston - When I can be bothered to actually haul butt outta bed (really not a morning person) in the early a.m. it is always worth it. Thank goodness I have peeps like your fine self in my life who share their amazing pictures with me.

Lizzy (Good Things) - I would NEVER tire of this beauty either, Krista xxx

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