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A Medieval-ing I Go

I woke up this morning feeling so much better after a ghastly virus that knocked me flat this week. I’m so thrilled because tomorrow Bear and I leave for History Alive where we will meet up with our medieval group, Blackwolf, for four days of medieval camping, eating, and general jollity. I’m so excited!!

Today was spent bustling about packing garb and foodstuffs, organizing medieval weapons, and gathering herbs, spices and other fun things for my medieval medicine display.

I’ve got my bone saw ready, bandages rolled, and various concoctions bottled and corked. Our animals are all tucked in and cared for, the dishes washed, laundry done.

Now all that’s left is a good night’s sleep before piling in the car at first light and heading off for adventures of a medievalicious kind.

Soon our modern clothes will be folded away, replaced with handmade items of linen and wool that are so comfy I could sleep in them.

I’m looking forward to meals of roasted meats, late nights laughing and talking around the fire, and sleeping outside with fresh, cool air blowing in off the river.

What are you looking forward to most about your weekend? xo

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Jackie - Have a wonderful weekend dear lady. For me, I’m looking forward to having my own chickies under my own roof, all at once. Such joy!

Jackie Smith - We are heading back to my hometown, Yakima, for a long overdue visit with long-time friends — and a shot of that Central Washington heat as temperatures are to be in the 80’s. . .yippee! Have a great time at your gathering – I look forward to your report!

bellini - It sounds like something you are passionate about Krista. I am edited to spend the weekend with friends:D

Glamorous Glutton - Wow! what an amazing thing to do, it sounds fantastic. GG

Maureen Shaw - I think it’s great that you’re well enough to go away for the weekend. I know how much you love this aspect of your lives and all the friends you’ve made. Have a blast!

Cathy - Have a brilliant time Krista πŸ™‚

Tandy Sinclair - Hope you have fun! We are off to visit my mother in law with all the kids in tow πŸ™‚

mlleparadis - too fun! did you knit those mittens too? have a good one!

Hotly Spiced - That sounds like a very fun weekend. I’ve heard of these medieval ‘camping’ adventures and would love to find out more. I hope you do share your weekend with us. And what an interesting collection of medieval bits and pieces xx

Ken Powell - Can’t wait to see this year’s pictures πŸ™‚

MyCustardPie - Last time I went to a Medieval fair (in the pouring rain I might add) someone read my palm …. and was surprisingly accurate! Hope the sun shines for you.

Tracy A. - Oh, I just love the photo of you! Have a wonderful, wonderful time!

Turkey's For Life - Wow, sounds great Krista. I’m guessing you’re back from your weekend now so hope you had a good time – sure you did! πŸ™‚

Anna Johnston - I love this post SO MUCH! You are absolutely adorable. πŸ™‚ I have always wanted to go to an event like this. So much fun! Love that you are doing all the wonderful things that make you happy. Good to see you enjoyed your weekend, bring on the next one, I’ve got a date with my bed. Boom!

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Karen (Back Road Journal) - Hope you have a great time…it sounds like a fun adventure.

Dipti Bahuguna - I never did medieval camping, eating medieval dishes and using medieval weapons. But this sounds amazing, it seems like you have full collection of medieval items with you. But honestly they look royal, I don’t know from where did you get these????

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