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Sunday Morning Walk On A Tropical Island, Part One

After a hearty and scrumptious homemade breakfast on the beach outside my bungalow, I grabbed sunglasses and camera and headed out for a trek along the main road of Nguna Island, Vanuatu.

Before I’d even gone a few steps I caught up with a lovely island woman who beamed at me and fell into step, telling me about her husband and children and what it’s like to live on this beautiful tropical island in the Coral Sea.

We parted at a crossroads where she joined a stream of colorfully clad folks climbing a narrow path up to the village church. We waved good-bye and I continued on my way, the sound of the church choir providing a magical soundtrack to my walk through the village.

I passed a local school, loving the mural that proclaimed: “White, Black, We Are All The Same.”

I wandered down the road and came across five brothers lolling about on wooden benches at the base of a massive tree. They were hilarious little chaps, answering my questions very politely before giggling like mad and hiding their heads under their shirts.

As I waved good-bye I looked back over my shoulder and there they were, peeking at me from around the tree and covering their mouths to suppress more laughter.

Although the sun was blazing hot above Nguna, a quick glance out to sea showed storm clouds gathering and dumping sheets of rain on nearby islands. I picked up my pace a bit, determined to see as much as possible before the storm arrived.

I approached three ladies bustling to church as fast as they could in the sweltering heat. But even running late they greeted me with smiles and stopped to chat. Turns out two of them were Aussies, a volunteer and her mother, heading to morning worship with their adopted island mama.

Little trails branched off from the main road, leading to exquisite views of roiling surf and distant islands. They also led to glorious shade and deliciously cool breezes off the water. Such things are pure bliss on a sweltering morning.

I loved strolling through one village after another, thoroughly charmed by the little touches employed to make each place unique: brightly painted gutters, shady porches facing the sea, and vivid hibiscus blossoms.

One of my favorite moments was spotting this woman through the trees. She looked so beautiful and powerful standing there on the rocks, her orange dress billowing in the wind as she searched the horizon looking for I know not what.

When I passed this spot on my way home, she called out greetings to me from a shady patch of sand where she was having a picnic with her husband and children. I love moments like that. 🙂

Next time I’ll share what I saw just before a mother of a rain storm blew in.

Do you like walking in the rain?

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Chaya - As usual, the photos are more than beautiful.  It is the water in that first picture that has me mesmerized.  It is amazing.

Krista -  Thank you, dear Chaya. 🙂 I was mesmerized by the water too – so sparkling, so warm, such rich, vibrant turquoise and blue. 🙂

Andi Perullo - It’s just too gorgeous for words! A true dream destination for me.

Amy @ Seven Grey Sweaters - I think my mouth is hanging open in amazement. What an out-of-this world place!

frogla (Heather Magee) - it’s a beautiful place. how’d you find it?? 

Krista -  It was like a dream, Andi. I could hardly believe I was really there and really seeing these things. 🙂

Krista -  Isn’t it incredible, Amy?! I was in awe the entire time. Such a different place than anything I’ve experienced before.

Krista -  Well, I had to get out of the country for 24 hours, so I just went online and found the cheapest ticket going anywhere and it happened to be in Vanuatu. I didn’t know anything about it, so I just searched and searched for a place to stay and found this randomly. I was so glad I found it. 🙂

Raymond @ Man On The Lam - This looks fantastic! I could get used to a place like this… 🙂

Melody Goff - Amazed as always at the stunning beauty you capture. Beautiful, every last bit of it. What an amazing travel find, I bet you go back some day to spend more than 24 hours, yes?

Krista -  No kidding, Raymond! 🙂 It was an idyllic break from technology and modernity. I loved the escape. 🙂

Krista -  Thank you so much, Melody. 🙂 I’m so glad you like these images. I would love to return one day, but this time I’d like to have someone with me to go adventuring. 🙂

[email protected] - Looks like the perfect getaway…so relaxing. You’ll have to stay longer next time!

Turkey's For Life - Wow, looks so beautiful on the island. Like you, I love the message on the side of that school, too. 🙂

Neil1964L - A second visit to vanuatu is on my list. But this time I will forgo the resort for your island paradise krista. what an amazing place. Hopefully I will get to walk in the rain. I can’t remember when I did that last!!!!!!!

Joanne - This really is paradise! The colors in each photo are so vibrant.

Mary Bergfeld - It is beautiful and your photos are just wonderful. It is hard to believe that some of the most fierce battles of WWII were fought on these beaches. Have a great day. Blessings…Mary

Krista -  Most definitely, Jenny! I was so glad for even 24 hours, but it wasn’t long enough. 🙂

Krista -  Positive and true messages like that always inspire me and make me happy too, Julia. 🙂

Krista -  Oh, I hope you get the chance to get drenched on a gorgeous trek around this island, Neil! 🙂 I know you’d love it. 🙂

Krista -  It sure is, Joanne. 🙂 I felt like I left my world and entered one of Technicolor. 🙂

Krista -  I know what you mean, Mary. I thought of that too. Wondered how on earth so much destruction and death could take place in such an idyllic and peaceful world.

Rosa May - A dreamlike place! What gorgeous lanscapes.



Krista -  I’m so glad you like it too, Rosa. 🙂

Christineohlhauser - Wow, i just found your blog from fb and see you have been everywhere!  Wow what kind of job do you have that takes you all over the world?  How fun! 🙂  (p.s. not sure if you remember me but I remember you from the Wallans/school) – Christine (Gillespie)

Krista -  Hi Christine! Of course I remember you. 🙂 I’m SO glad you stopped by. 🙂 I am a freelance travel/food/business writer, so I can work remotely from anywhere in the world. I travel when I can find super cheap tickets and work from wherever I end up. 🙂

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Stevie - I miss the tropics!  What a marvelous experience you’re having.  The pic of the storm on the neighboring island is gorgeous.  Did you lunch with the woman?  I like walking in rain when it is warm, like, you know, in the tropics.

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Ayngelina - Lazy Sunday walks are my favourite days and usually my favourite travel moments too.

The Travel Tart - I really enjoyed Vanuatu when I went there. People are really friendly and laid back – and it’s easy to fall into chilled out mode!

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