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Cancun: A Flowering Paradise, Part II

Mornin!! Brrr, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced cold this intense during my sojourn in Washington State. In Canada, yes. Russia, sure. But here? No way!

So this morning as icy winds shriek outside my windows, I’m taking a vicarious jaunt south of the border to bask in the tropical beauties of Xcaret, a gorgeous eco-park about an hour from Cancun. I can’t wait to tell you more about this fabulous place, but for now I hope you will enjoy these stunning colors. To view Part I, click here.

What’s the weather like where you are?

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Marie - THe full moon at dawn was beautiful this morning. It’s windy and cold and a bit treacherous out, but I love the way God designed the seasons to change in some parts of the world. Poor Chris said that the weather is just always the same in Arizona so that it doesn’t even feel like Thanksgiving–he didn’t even know Thanksgiving is this week. We are so blessed to live in this place!

Astra Libris - Your photos are breathtaking! The vibrancy and sense of life is truly remarkable! How lovely to take a mental journey to someplace warm when the weather is fierce outside! Here it’s rainy but pretty “normal” temperature wise, which, since it’s the south, means I can’t really complain about the cold even though it feels cold to me… 🙂

Zorymar - It’s cold here in Victoria, BC as well Krista, but today it’s sunny, so no complaints from me, a beautiful Winter day! 🙂

Karen - These pictures are beautiful! There’s nothing like the tropics, and looking at these gorgeous flowers makes me wish I was equator bound…The picture with the parrots and flamingos is my favorite. 🙂

Andi - Beautiful actually, I can’t complain surprisingly! These pictures are gorgeous. I love flamingos!

Anna Johnston - Awwhhh Krista, these colours are the best. The weather here today is awesome, a crisp fresh Aussie late spring morning, the birds are singing, the sky is bright blue and all is well in my world.
Have a wonderful day & keep warm…, sounds a touch chilly where you are.

Nicole - No matter how hard I try, I’d always rather be in a place like this than in snow. Thanks for the brightness and light and colors, Krista! Just what I needed today! 🙂

Zita - Getting cold in Hungary but the sun still shines!

Joanne - These pictures are the perfect thing to put me back in a warm mindset after the cold we’ve been having! I hope you’re bundling up, sipping on hot cocoa, and keeping warm!

bellini - Thanks for bringing some warmth into my morning. I am loathe to look out the window since I was driving in blizzard-like conditions on my way home from work last night.

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